Coordinating clothing for a photo session is not always an easy task. How do you look coordinated, but not matchy? How do you know what colors go with others or what patterns work with other patterns. “What do we wear?” is one of the first questions my clients ask in their consultation!

Below I have put together a few guidelines to follow, but even better than this guide - when you book a session with me, I will provide you with access to an online styling service that is going to take all of the hard work out of this. Once you answer a few questions about each person in the shoot, it will provide you with a bunch of coordinated clothing options (and even the links to purchase them!). The clothing is always up-to-date (currently in stores) and offers plenty of budget-friendly options (Old Navy, H&M, etc) for all sizes and ages.

Whether you decide to buy new or find similar items in your closet - this service is a Fotoplicity perk that you will be raving about!

Choose A Color Palette

The very first thing you need to do when choosing your wardrobe is to select a color scheme. Whether you are taking pictures by yourself, with your significant other or your entire family - selecting the main color scheme will offer guidance for everything else! Here are some things you should consider when selecting your palette:

  • Look around your house - what is your overall style?

  • What colors do you find repeated in your rooms? Are they cool and gray? Warm and inviting? Earthy? Vibrant? Let these colors guide you.

  • You don't have to stick within these boundaries, but if you are considering displaying your portraits on your walls, you will want them to compliment your living space. This is a great place to START.

  • Make sure to consider colors that compliment your skin tone or bring out your eyes!

Casual or Dressy?

The choice is yours and whatever you choose will be amazing but if you aren't sure, you should base your decision based on two things...the overall feel of the final images you are looking for AND whatever will make your family's personality shine!

Whichever you choose, remember that simple is best. Go for the classic looks and avoiding trends that will make your photo look dated in six months (avoid logo shirts, sportswear and other trendy items). You want your images to maintain a timeless look.


Mom / Ladies

Find A Killer Outfit

I want YOU to find a KILLER outfit. Something you feel amazing and confident in and that will photograph well. Start with a base outfit that works with your COLOR SCHEME (Remember that little assignment I gave you?). It doesn't matter if its a dress, jeans or skirt and blouse. All that matters is that you love it and you feel great wearing it! 

TIP: If you want to test out how it will look in photos, stand at a 45' angle in front of your mirror with your weight on your back foot. If you like it - keep it, if not, keep trying until you find something you do! 

Make It Spectacular

Add a great pair of boots or heels. Find a statement necklace, maybe one with a pop of the brightest color in your palette. Add a jacket or a scarf. Accessories add interest to a portrait and they allow us to quickly and easily change things up from one photo to the next. Whatever accessories you choose, make sure they fit in your color palette!

SHOE TIP: If we're doing a forest session, bring a pair of comfortable shoes for walking and change into your heels as needed.

Hair & Makeup

Keep it natural! Apply makeup as you naturally would...a photo session is not the time to try something new. You want to be YOU in the photos! The same goes for hair. This is not the time to try out a new do. Style your hair in the way that you love best!

The Girls

Find A Base Outfit

Just like we did with Mom, start by finding a base outfit. If choosing a dress or skirt and top, add a pop of color with some leggings, or if you have a solid dress, feel free to add a pattern like stripes or dots!


Choose something that compliments your child's outfit. Ballet flats, boots, strappy sandals and the like usually work well. If your child prefers sneakers, be sure to choose the right ones! Colored Converse or sparkly ones can add a bit of fun to any picture!

Hair Accessories

Don't forget the hair! Hair accessories can be fun, but keep in mind we want to keep things classy and timeless. Instead of huge colorful bows and headbands, go with a more subdued, classic option.

The Boys

Start With The Pants

Depending on the season and overall look of your session, grab some cute shorts (maybe plaid - unless there is already another pattern being used by Mom or Sis). In the cooler months, try a great fitting pair of jeans or khakis. Make sure they aren't too long or too short!

The Top

A t-shirt with a button up over it is a great choice. Or take it a step further and add a cute vest or bowtie if that fits with your vision. Another great option is a sweater or blazer.

Shoes & Accessories

A nice pair of dress shoes, boat shoes or Toms are always a great option. Make sure that his socks coordinate because they do show when sitting.  A cute hat is always a fun accessory that can be added in for a few pictures.


You might want to think about a haircut before your session. Try to plan ahead and get it cut 1-2 weeks prior. This will allow it to grow in a bit, giving a more natural look.

Dad / Men

The Pants

Start with a pair of pants that he likes. Jeans are a popular option that wears well in most seasons. If it's hot out, a nice pair of shorts will work. You can use Dad to pull in a few neutral colors from your palette. Gray, khaki or navy are always great options.

The Top

Dad's top is a great way to pull in any palette colors that may be missing or aren't represented well. A button-down shirt with sleeves rolled up, a polo shirt or a nice v-neck are all great options. If it's cooler, consider a blazer or jacket to complete the look.


Finally, think about shoes and socks. Keep in mind the same suggestions for Dad as for the boys. Boots or dress shoes look great with jeans. Boat shoes or other casual summer shoes work too!


Just like boys, schedule Dad's haircut 1-2 weeks prior to the session.

Pull It All Together

Put all the outfits together and lay them out on the floor or bed. How does it look? Is there an outfit that needs something more? Does something not go? Is there a good balance of the color palette you wanted? Adjust the outfits until you are happy.

IMPORTANT: Make sure everyone tries on their outfit BEFORE picture day. Make sure everything fits and is comfortable. You don't want to find out that something is not right an hour before your session. (Yes, this happens and it is stressful!)

Once everything is right, hang it all together in your closet and wait for your session!