Every portrait experience includes a consultation, session planning, the session and one reveal & design appointment.  The session fee covers the photographer's time and talent, and is due at booking in order to reserve your session date.  

The session fee DOES NOT include any images, files or products unless otherwise noted.


I am SOOOOOO glad you are interested enough in my work that you are checking out my investment page.  One of the most important things to me (besides my family) is TIME.  I'm sure you feel the same, so in order to save you some of it let me start by telling you that if you are looking for a photographer who will just take some pictures and send them to you via an online gallery for a couple hundred bucks I'm not the photographer for you.

This is where you can choose to close out of this page
you can continue reading and find out about the customized service I offer.

There's obviously a reason you are looking for a professional photographer and something about my work that brought you here to my website.  Maybe you are looking for someone to capture your sensitive teenager, your active six year old or head-strong three year old in a way that that reflects their genuine personality.  Maybe you are looking for someone to bring out your personal best and bottle it up to be enjoyed treasured forever.  Maybe you want someone to capture that deep love you have for your partner and transfer it into a stunningly edited piece of art work that draws emotion from anyone who looks at it. 
Or maybe you are simply looking to work with a photographer who provides an experience instead of a "session".


But don't just take my word for it...check out what Fotoplicity clients are saying here, here and here  

When you hire me, you have access to my knowledge and expertise to confidently walk you through the sometimes confusing process of preparing for a session, creating image-worthy moments, choosing the best images and then transferring them to custom heirloom artwork for your family and your home. 


Can Iet you in on little secret about those digitals that you *think* you want...
You probably don't actually want all of them - and you definitely don't need all of them.  Want to know why? 
Because you know what will most likely happen to them once you have them?  


Sure, you'll post a few up on Social Media. You'll change your profile photo and get a bunch of likes and feel-good comments. Maybe you'll even use one or two on a card or invitation.  But how many canvas prints will you order?  Or how many show-stopping metals will you hang?   Do you know where to order a big, beautiful, museum quality canvas or metal?  Even folks with the best intentions of printing struggle with finding the time to actually think about and place an order.  That's why I made it my job to do it for you.

I will create gorgeous photo albums that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will cherish for years to come. I will help you choose the photos that will look best framed and which ones will look best in a memory box on your coffee table. Most importantly, I will help you navigate through this overwhelming process step by step and make sure you end up with incredible photo products that fit your needs and style.

Oh yeah, and about those digitals, well, of course you can get them (heck, I even give you the digital to each finished art piece you purchase) - but I promise, after our session they probably won't be the focus of your desires any longer.  That 20x30 framed print hanging in your home or beautiful linen box of fine-art prints is going to make a much bigger statement and emotional impact than any group of digital pixels ever could!  


Every client is different and how much you spend is completely up to you. 
There are no purchase minimums at Fotoplicity.  I am a true believer that you should only purchase what you LOVE!  That said, most Fotoplicity clients spend upwards of $800 in custom artwork.

Let me ask you something?  How much did that phone you're using cost? How about the TV on your wall?  Or what about that semester of dance or art classes for your child?  

The truth is, while custom photography can get expensive, it is a splurge you will keep forever and will be passed on to your children, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  It will get more valuable with every passing year and it is one of the only splurges that you'll never, ever regret. 

Your family is the most important thing in your life and they deserve to be celebrated.

Your life, your family...your ART.


THE FULL | $200

Includes up to SIX people
Presentation of up to TWENTY-FIVE edited images
Travel available, fees may apply

Girl with hat.jpg


Maximum of THREE people
Presentation of up to TWELVE edited images
Limited Local Locations

Headshot by Fotoplicity.jpg


Wardrobe guidance
Expression & posing coaching
Immediate image review
Select number of digital files included.

SimpleStudio by Fotoplicity.jpg


A simple studio session done in the comfort of the Fotoplicity Creative Office on a solid colored backdrop and professional lighting.
Same Day Reveal & Ordering Appointment and online proofing galleries available.
Special Print Collection Offerings

Designed for Children (3 months to 17) Only


Offered periodically throughout the year, these specially themed sessions feature promotional session fees, print & product collections.


All papers, inks, canvas and coatings are of archival quality and feature beautiful depth and vibrancy that surpasses anything possible from a retail printer.

Fotoplicity clients typically invest upwards of $800 on their custom artwork.

Prints start at $50• Wall Art starts at $250
Albums start at $600
Digital bundles start at $400