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+ Where are you located?

180 Tices Lane Building A, Suite 103 East Brunswick, NJ 08816

+ Do I have to come in for a consultation?

The consultation is a required part of my creative process and insures that your session is everything you want it to be. Limited Edition, Simple Studio, Digital Sessions and previous clients can opt for a phone consultation.

+ Do you photograph events?

I do not offer event photography as my heart lies with portraiture, but I do know some amazing event photographers so do reach out and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction!

+ WHEN Should We Book Our session?

During busy season (Spring & Fall) I can have reservations 2-4 months in advance. Throughout the rest of the year you will have a decent selection of weekend dates available if you reserve your appointment 4-6 weeks in advance. If you are open to weekday sessions, you can typically schedule within 1-2 weeks.

+ Do You Supply Clothing?

Simple Studio clients ages 3 months-24 months are welcome to my wardrobe closet. I also have a few maternity dresses available, and I have a large collection of dresses for Enchanted Sessions. Wardrobe use is included in the session fee for these sessions.


HOW OFTEN Should We Schedule a Session?

While I would love to see you several times every year, I know this is not practical for most families, so here are some recommended times for scheduling sessions:

Newborn (3-30 days)
Those tiny features disappear quicker than you can imagine.
Inquire about Simple Newborn Sessions.  Newborn Sessions are only available to previous clients.

Baby (3-12 mo)
Aim for at least two milestone sessions during this time frame.
Simple Studio / Grow With Me Sessions are the perfect fit!

Toddlers (1-3)
Aim for one session during this curious and playful time period.  A Petite Session is perfect for a busy toddler.

Pre-School (3-6)
Aim for at least one session during this stage.  Consider a Limited Edition Session or a Simple Studio Session

Grade School (6-9)
The magical age of make-believe is best captured at least once, maybe twice.  
Limited Edition & Enchanted Sessions are a popular choices for this age group.

Tweens (9-12)
An ideal time to schedule a family or fun friend session!  Popular options are Petite and Full sessions.  Limited Edition & Enchanted Sessions are also an option. 

Teens (13+)
The perfect time to capture your emerging adult and his/her interests.  Consider a Petite session just for your teen and a Full Session to capture the entire family together during this time.

Couples & Families
Couples love engagement and maternity sessions.  Once a year is perfect to capture growing families.  After your family is complete, every other year is an excellent goal.  Consider The Petite & Full Sessions.


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+ Do You Sell Digital Negatives?

Yes. While I whole-heartedly believe in print over digitals, I do understand the desire for digitals. All purchased wall art and some albums come with their corresponding digital negative, so it’s never a choice.

High resolution digital files are available for purchase in bundles five and come with a print release so you can make unlimited copies of the artwork at the consumer lab of your choice.

If you are only interested in digital files and do not wish to return for a Reveal & Ordering Appointment, you may opt for a digital session. Please inquire about pricing.

+ Do Your Session Fees Include the Digital Negatives?

It depends. Signature Sessions have a session fee that covers the service component of the experience and includes the session time, props, preparation of your images for viewing and your in-person reveal & ordering appointment.
If you desire ONLY digitals, you have the option of purchasing a Digital Session which includes five digital images with the option of purchasing more.

The session fee does not include any images, files or products unless specifically mentioned.

+ How Much Can I Expect to Invest?

Total investment varies greatly from client to client. There are no required purchase minimums so you have the flexibility to purchase only what you LOVE - no pressure. Ever.

That said, most clients invest upwards of $800 in heirloom art, products and digitals. See The Investment Page for more information.

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About Fotoplicity Clients

There is no doubt that the people who choose Fotoplicity have a true appreciation for art, service and quality. I am constantly thinking of ways to show my appreciation for their trust and loyalty. Fotoplicity clients enjoy special services like the exclusive Fotoplicity Birthday Club, special session offerings, referral credit and access to Fall Family Mini Sessions. It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with the same families year after year and watch all these children grow up.

Is Fotoplicity for Everybody?

No, of course not - but if you aren’t sure, do reach out - I’m happy to discuss my services in detail and help you decide if I’m a good fit for your needs or not. And if I’m not, I have many other local photographers who I would be happy to refer you to!