About Fotoplicity Editing

Editing is a large part of the Fotoplicity Service. It has taken me years to develop and perfect my specific editing style. I hand edit all images myself without the use of generic presets so you will not find another photographer who edits in my specific style.

No matter what type of session you book, rest assured that all of the images you purchase will be edited to perfection by me personally.

For Signature Sessions, all images presented at the Reveal Appointment will be edited in the Fotoplicity Signature way which includes white balance and tonal adjustments, basic skin retouching and lighting enhancements. For Digital Sessions, all purchased images will be edited in the Fotoplicity Signature way (post proofing).

Fine art edits are more artistic in nature. Great care is taken in creating a more “painterly” image. Edits may include sky or background replacement, artistic retouching, dramatic color enhancements, dodge and burning, distraction removal and composites.

Enchanted Sessions will include several of these edits and they can be requested for a regular session image, however due to the expertise and time requirements there is a fee for this service. Not all images lend themselves to Fine Art Editing. I will consult with you regarding your specific requests.

Signature Edits

All purchased images include signature edits.

Fine Art / Creative Edits

Fine Art edits utilize my years of editing skill and are typically reserved for the most jaw-dropping imagery. One-two of these time-intensive edits are included in every Enchanted Session and always done for Painted Portrait Sessions. Regular Petite and Signature sessions do not include these type of edits, however it can be requested. A Fine Art Edit fee will apply.


Painted Portrait Sessions transform regular studio portraits into digitally painted pieces of art. When complete, these photographs look as though they were painted with brush and canvas.


All headhshots are retouched. Retouching includes white balance, skin tone and removal of under eye circles and blemishes. Advanced retouching (tan line removal, hair removal, etc.) is available at an additional charge.