And Then There Were Four...A Family Maternity Photo Session (Edison, NJ) by Jennifer Evans

I was so excited about this family maternity session... Mom and I have worked together in the past (she's a photographer too).  I love that I had the perfect Mommy & Me dresses for the to wear!  Mom&DaughterWM This session ended up getting postponed a few times due to weather, however when we did finally shoot it the weather and location were absolutely perfect.  BlogBoard-Jelinski Maternity-1

BlogBoard-Jelinski Maternity-2 Photo of maternity couple in Edison NJ

FamilyWMThe best part of this session was that little P, as the child of a photographer, was very familiar and used to posing.  She directed many of the shots herself and did a great job!  This particular image was her idea and she set the whole thing up herself!  Jelinski-WEB-8

Do you love this maternity dress?  Check out more photos of it HERE.

Introducing Framed Collections by Jennifer Evans

Have you ever tried to design a photo wall display? To say it can be overwhelming and frustrating is an understatement.  But I'm about to take a whole lot of work out of the process.  Starting this month I am proud to offer all of my clients FRAMED WALL COLLECTIONS.  I'm making wall design as simple as 1...2...3...4!

Here's how it works....

STEP ONE - Choose your collection

I have four collections to choose from.  Simply choose the layout that fits your wall space and preference.Framed Collection Set

STEP TWO - Choose your prints

Now the hard part....decide which pictures from our session you would like to use in your collection.2017-04-08_0002

STEP THREE - Choose your frame

Choose your frame style!  These low-profile, high-impact frames complement any decor.  Choose from classic, modern, beachy, or rustic designs.Frames Collections

STEP 4 - Matted or Unmatted?

The final decision is whether or not you would like your prints matted or not.  Matted prints offer a more classic style frame while unmatted prints allow for a larger images and offer a more modern look.



Making The Choice Easy

The best part of these collections is that no matter what layout, frame our mat you choose, all Framed Collections are priced the same.  One price with lots of options!  Simple as that.

Are you ready to upgrade your walls?  

Schedule a complimentary consultation with me to learn more.


Forget waking up at 2am this Black Friday and standing in line to get some electronic device or toy that will be irrelevant or forgotten about by next Thanksgiving...this year, why not purchase something that will not only stand the test of time, but will pull at your heartstrings and be a meaningful investment for your entire family for generations to come? Your Memories in PRINT times TWO!!!!!!folios-10small

I'm super excited about this package deal because I've never offered anything like it before.  I have so many clients who look forward to their annual photo session with me from year to year in order to capture family growth and change.  But let's face it - a year is a long time and our family can change quite drastically in that time frame - especially the children!  Take a look at those annual school pictures....the changes become even more apparent.

So this year, why not plan on capturing your family memories TWICE instead of just once?  Wouldn't it be nice to have one set of pictures in the Spring and then again in the Fall?  Or maybe you want to use one session for the whole family and the other just for the kids.  Maybe Grandma & Grandpa are planning a visit in July and you really want professional photos of them and the kids but you don't want to give up your usual Fall photo session.

With this package deal you don't have to choose!


TWO Digital Photo Sessions for up to 5 people 24 Edited High Resolution Digital Images (12 each session) 12 Styrene Mounted 5 x 7 Professional Quality Prints (6 each session) 5 x 7 Heirloom Folio Box to store and display your mounted prints Wall Design Service (optional) 15% off any additional print purchase from the sessions


$200 Deposit $328 Session 1  $328 Session 2

Prices listed are inclusive of sales tax.  

Total Package Cost = $800 (plus tax) Total Package Value= $1350   SAVINGS= $550



This deal disappears on Sunday 11/27/16



Both sessions must be booked in 2017.  Booking is based on availability of Photographer. Sessions are limited to a maximum of 5 people. Price based on regular portrait sessions.  Enchanted or other specialty sessions may incur additional fees. Travel fees will be incurred for locations outside a 10 miles of East Brunswick, NJ. Folio Box will be delivered AFTER the first session with the sessions's mounted prints. Initial deposit of $200 required.  This deposit is non-refundable. Remaining balance (including 7% sales tax) will be split between the 2 sessions ($328 each).   Total Package Price = $800 ($856 after NJ State sales tax) Balance payments are due the day prior to the session. Contract required to book session. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Questions?  Please email me at jennifer@fotoplicity.com


Fall Mini Sessions - 2016 by Jennifer Evans

2016 Fall Mini Sessions

Based on previous year client needs, this year I am offering 2 different types of Fall Mini Sessions.

All sessions will take place outdoors and include an online proofing gallery with up to 10 retouched photos from the session.

Actual number of high resolution digital downloads depends on the session purchased (see below).  Additional digitals and prints can be purchased directly from the gallery.

Brothers by Fotoplicity

Returning Client Bonus!

All returning families will be able to download their entire proofing gallery at no additional charge as a thank you for your loyalty!



Fall Mini Button-Family


Here's what you need to do...locations

1. REVIEW the dates & locations below.

2. CLICK the button below of the date and location you prefer.

3. COMPLETE the form and choose your desired time slot.

You will receive an invoice & session contract within 24 hours. Session must be paid in full and session contract must be completed in order to reserve your spot.

Fall Mini Sessions Oct 12


October Mini Date


If none of the above dates work for you, or if you have a special location in mind, but you still would like a mini-style session, this year I am offering half sessions as an alternative option.

Approximately 30 minutes, on the day of your choosing, with 12 digital images. Session location restricted to within 10 miles of Highland Park, NJ

Half sessions are available through November 6, 2016

Half Session cost is $325.

To book a half-session, please email me directly.

Little Boy in leaves. Fall Photo Session by Fotoplicity

Memorial Day - 2016 by Jennifer Evans

As we enjoy a day off from work and school and kick off our summer this Memorial Day, please make a point of remembering the true meaning of the holiday.  Memorial Day is a time to honor all Americans who have died while in the Military Service. Memorial Day

Did you know that on this day, the US flag is briskly raised to the top of the staff and then  solemnly lowered to the half-staff position, where it remains only until noon.   It is then raised to full-staff for the remainder of the day. The half-staff position remembers the more than one million men and women who gave their lives in service of their country. At noon, their memory is raised by the living, who resolve not to let their sacrifice be in vain, but to rise up in their stead and continue the fight for liberty and justice for all.

US Flag

So please, take a moment today to recognize and remember all those who have given their lives for our country on this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Fotoplicity


The Heartbreaking Question My 7 Year Old Daughter Asked Me That Made Me Rethink & Overhaul My Business by Jennifer Evans

I have two daughters....they are my everything.  Natalie is 10 years old and Melissa is 7.  What my daughter said to me that made me change the way I do business Over the past several years, my daughters have watched me grow Fotoplicity out of a passion and have been the inspiration behind many of my creative ideas.  But this past year my seven year old asked one question that made me stop dead in my tracks and re-think my entire business model.  This one question put into motion a brand overhaul that is currently taking place and I think will resonate with every Mom out there.....

One day, I was cleaning my room when Melissa came in with a sad look on her face and a little photobook in her hand.  She sat on my bed, looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and then lowered her glance down into her lap staring at the the photobook.  "Mommy?  Do you love Natalie more than me?"  My heart just about broke into a million pieces.... I sat down next to her and asked her why she would think that.  "Because you don't have any pictures of me as a baby."  The photobook she had in her hand was one I created for Natalie's one year birthday. It was kept in a pile of other little photobooks I had created before I had Melissa.  I quickly tried to console her letting her know that I do indeed have hundreds of baby photos of her....on the computer.   "But I can't see them there, I can see Natalie's on the wall, but not mine."   I did a quick inventory of the photos hanging around my house.  She was right.  All the beautifully framed baby photos were of Natalie.

How could I possibly explain that things just got too chaotic and busy with two children, work and life to find time to create photobooks or wall prints for her?  How could I justify that all those digital images hidden away on my hard drive were as valuable as the ones hanging in full display on our walls?  How could I let her know that I had every intention of printing photos of her but somehow the years have passed by and I never found the time to do so?  I couldn't.  There were no excuses, there was no answer that would make her hurt go away.  "Life got in the way" was just not going to cut it here.

Feeling completely discouraged and broken myself, I told her we would go to my computer and pull up her baby pictures.  And we did...of course it took me about 45 minutes to hook up the old hard drive, get it to work on my newer computer, shuffle through thousands of irrelevant files and sort through a ton of meaningless digital images that were blurry and crappy all to get to the few good baby photos.  The photo-hunting experience definitely took away from the feel-good moment of the memories.Flashback

Melissa's simple question and the following "digital experience" made me realize that the emotional value of a printed photograph stands undeniable.   Our digital, fast-paced lifestyles and abundance of cell-phone snapshots have devalued the most meaningful, timeless possessions of every family. Digital photographs have become expendable and offer a very short shelf life in comparison. I had a hard enough time accessing Melissa's baby photos from just a few years ago....how much more difficult will it be in 10 or 25 years from now?  Will future technology even be compatible?  Will your grandchildren care to load them up on their computer?  Will there even be computers?

Today's world moves so fast.  Moments are rarely appreciated because there is this constant pressure to move on and find the next big thing.  It took my 7 year old daughter's pain and feeling of neglect to make me realize that digital images are NOT always ideal.  Yes, they are convenient and have their place, but when it comes to emotional value....nothing compares to a high quality printed photograph. IMG_3478

I am determined to stop this cycle for every single one of my clients....even if it means printing just ONE image.

Thanks to Melissa and my broken heart, this year I have changed my session offerings from all-inclusive digital packages to lower session fees with reveal and ordering appointments.  This means that once you have your photo session we will set an appointment to sit down and review your photographs together.   We will savor and discuss each beautiful image and together we will explore some options for displaying your memories for everyone to see and enjoy.  I've put together some amazing Collections for your walls and your coffee tables to keep things simple or we can work together to customize something special. At the appointment you will be able to choose which photo or photos you want printed or included as part of a Collection.  I will then take care of the ordering details and call you when your prints arrive and you will walk away with a PHYSICAL piece of memorabilia that will last a lifetime and be handed down to your children and their children.

Oh, and I should mention that you will still be able to get digital copies of the purchased prints, so you can store them away on your hard drive (just in case), share on social media, email or print to send to distant family at your leisure.

I am making it my job to ensure that your child will never ask you why you don't care enough to print or hang their picture.