Forget waking up at 2am this Black Friday and standing in line to get some electronic device or toy that will be irrelevant or forgotten about by next Thanksgiving...this year, why not purchase something that will not only stand the test of time, but will pull at your heartstrings and be a meaningful investment for your entire family for generations to come? Your Memories in PRINT times TWO!!!!!!folios-10small

I'm super excited about this package deal because I've never offered anything like it before.  I have so many clients who look forward to their annual photo session with me from year to year in order to capture family growth and change.  But let's face it - a year is a long time and our family can change quite drastically in that time frame - especially the children!  Take a look at those annual school pictures....the changes become even more apparent.

So this year, why not plan on capturing your family memories TWICE instead of just once?  Wouldn't it be nice to have one set of pictures in the Spring and then again in the Fall?  Or maybe you want to use one session for the whole family and the other just for the kids.  Maybe Grandma & Grandpa are planning a visit in July and you really want professional photos of them and the kids but you don't want to give up your usual Fall photo session.

With this package deal you don't have to choose!


TWO Digital Photo Sessions for up to 5 people 24 Edited High Resolution Digital Images (12 each session) 12 Styrene Mounted 5 x 7 Professional Quality Prints (6 each session) 5 x 7 Heirloom Folio Box to store and display your mounted prints Wall Design Service (optional) 15% off any additional print purchase from the sessions


$200 Deposit $328 Session 1  $328 Session 2

Prices listed are inclusive of sales tax.  

Total Package Cost = $800 (plus tax) Total Package Value= $1350   SAVINGS= $550



This deal disappears on Sunday 11/27/16



Both sessions must be booked in 2017.  Booking is based on availability of Photographer. Sessions are limited to a maximum of 5 people. Price based on regular portrait sessions.  Enchanted or other specialty sessions may incur additional fees. Travel fees will be incurred for locations outside a 10 miles of East Brunswick, NJ. Folio Box will be delivered AFTER the first session with the sessions's mounted prints. Initial deposit of $200 required.  This deposit is non-refundable. Remaining balance (including 7% sales tax) will be split between the 2 sessions ($328 each).   Total Package Price = $800 ($856 after NJ State sales tax) Balance payments are due the day prior to the session. Contract required to book session. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Questions?  Please email me at


It's Prom Season! Time to ROCK THE DRESS! by Jennifer Evans

Jewels and sparkles take me thereTransport me from a world of care To that place all girls can share Destination: what to wear? Dress me up can hardly wait All dolled up can't be late Just as pretty as can be For a night of fantasy Dazzling swirls of sparkling light Colors dancing in the night Sweetest dreams are coming true May I have this dance with you? Too soon it's over, heading home Standing at my door alone One sweet kiss to say goodnight One cozy hug; all is right Tomarrow plain and ordinaire But with my memories fond and fair

~Loralie Harris

It's PROM time!  

Why settle for your average backyard snapshots when you can get some really great magazine-worthy pics of you rockin' that special dress!  And yes - guys are welcome too! Check out the details for my ROCK THE DRESS Mini Sessions...RockDressMarketingBoard

Grab a friend or two and book a session time...

SESSION FEE:  $45 PER PERSON - Maximum of 4 people. LOCATION:  Highland Park, NJ (outdoor & indoor session dates available) DATES: Wednesday, May 18th (Outdoor) - RAINDATE:  Thursday, May 19th Friday, May 20th (Indoor) 

Sessions last approximately 20 minutes.  Sessions are only confirmed once payment is submitted and contract signed.  If under 18, a legal guardian or parent must sign!  You will be emailed an online proofing gallery with 8-10 professionally re-touched images within 2 weeks of your session where you can purchase your specially priced Prom Print or Digital Package!

Would you like to have your hair or makeup professionally done for your session?   Please contact Rachel at ROCKY'S HAIR & MAKEUP for rates and availability.


Questions?  Email Jennifer Rock the Dress Mini SessionsProm-Indoor-2WMPromModels-26_WEB

indoor prom sessions by fotoplicity

Rock The Dress Mini Sessions

Want to see more photos?  Check out this INDOOR SESSION and this OUTDOOR SESSION!

Celebrating Mom...Appreciation you can see! by Jennifer Evans

Sometimes parenting can be a tough, pull your hair out, grab a bottle of wine and lock yourself in the bathroom type of thankless job....

As I sit here trying to write this blog post, my daughter is behind me singing into her karaoke machine as loud as she possibly can.  After every single song she asks me, "Mommy, do you think that I'm good enough to be on The Voice one day?"  Every.  Single.  Song.  <Facepalm>

My kids have been on Spring Break all week and I am quickly falling behind in my work.  I have 100 things I need to get done (including this blog post), and to be perfectly honest the karaoke is annoying the crap out of me.  My daughter KNEW I came to my desk to get some work done and decided to follow me into the room and sing her heart out.

As much as I want to tell her to leave, I can't.  You know why?  Because I know she wants to be NEAR ME.  She wants to sing FOR ME.  She wants attention, validation, acknowledgment and encouragement FROM ME.  She doesn't know or care about my work deadlines, she doesn't understand my responsibility of providing an income...all she knows is that she LOVES me and wants to BE WITH ME.

What she is really saying is, "Mommy, I rely on your constant encouragement and support for everything I do.  I need you to show/tell me that I can be who I want to be and push me in the right direction.  I TRUST you and look to you for advice and guidance.  You are my rock.  You are important in my life and I NEED you.

Nope....not going to send her to another room, instead I'm going to enjoy being interrupted every 3:28 minutes and answer that same question with enthusiastic support.

So, why am I writing this?  Because I know that moments like these exist all the time for EVERY Mom and I think it is important to realize that our children do these "annoying" things not to pester us, but to let us know how much they love us!

Wouldn't it be amazing if our children actually TOLD us how they felt instead of "showing" us?Mother Quote

Guess what?  This Mother's Day, I am going to provide an opportunity for exactly that to happen....

I asked an unsuspecting 10 year old boy to write down the answer to this question:  

"What do you love most about your Mom?" 

This is what he wrote:

Letter to Mom from boy!  Want another?

letter to mom

That is from a 7 year old boy!  When the Mom of these boys read these, she was brought to tears and so was I.  These boys took this "assignment" very seriously and poured their heart into their words.  Simply beautiful!

What would it mean to you to have something like this from YOUR child?

WAIT...What about you?

No matter what age your child(ren) may be, there is something that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE about them.  Every year that something probably changes, so how nice would it be to document what that something is right NOW?   As part of this session you will also have to write a little blurb about what it is that you love about your child(ren) at this moment in time.... Amy Text

Photography is all about capturing a moment in CELEBRATE MOM Mini Sessions are going above and beyond by providing not only a photograph of you and your child(ren), but the handwritten words that go along with this moment.  Mothers Day Mini Sessions

What I do want you to know is that you are valuable and you are a vital part of creating the people who are the future.

This session is about CELEBRATING YOU and acknowledging that the role you play in your child's life, is crucial. Our children might not always show their appreciation, but trust me...that love and gratitude is there.

Every Mom who books this session will receive a beautiful custom collage like the one above that they can look at and read whenever they need a reminder of how much they are loved.

Click to go to the INFORMATION & BOOKING PAGEMother Day Mini Sessions by Fotoplicity Let your child's words show you how much you are loved...

Don't Forget Your TWEEN! (February Promotions) by Jennifer Evans


As the mother of a 10 year old I have to say, I can't believe the drastic changes that are taking place.  My little baby is growing up in so many ways and I really just want it to STOP!  The other day I was checking my Facebook Feed when that TimeHop thing came up and showed me a picture I posted of my daughter from 3 years ago.   I was floored....Tween Timehop

In three short years, my little girl has changed SO MUCH!

THIS is a photograph I took of my daughter just the other day.  SnowDress-3WM

How did this happen?  It seems like just yesterday I was changing her diapers and now at age 10 I'm watching her transform from a child to a young adult.  I'm talking independence, exploration, a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e, and self-discovery.  And if that isn't enough, her face and body, it's transforming too.  My "little girl" is not such a little girl any more.  While it's exciting for her, it's bittersweet for me.

As a photographer I am hired to photographed so many childhood milestones (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 5 years, seniors), but I've found that this specific TRANSFORMATIONAL time is somewhat overlooked.

Do you have a tween? Let me ask you something...  When is the last time you had your tween's picture taken? And I don't mean with your iPhone or that weird school picture with the fake backdrop. I'm talking about a time when your child actually wore some cool clothes, did their hair, and willingly smiled?

Why has it been so long? FullSun2I get it, the tween years can be a little awkward...maybe your child is dealing with crooked or missing teeth, maybe they have braces or zits, maybe their hair is constantly in a state of disarray or maybe their clothing choice has a lot to be desired.  YES, all these things are frustrating and may have you putting off investing in professional pictures, but here is the thing.....   From crooked teeth to that ugly tee shirt -this is WHO THEY ARE, and all these things will quickly disappear before you know it and you will have no record of this monumental time in their life.

Despite what you may think, Tweens are typically the most cooperative and amazing photography subjects.  Most have not yet faced the brutal criticism that will eventually come and many are so self-confident in their choices they aren’t afraid to be themselves.  They are authentic and true.   This is absolutely one of the BEST times to invest in professional portraits.

Don't let Facebook remind you how quickly they are changing.... Take matters into your own hands and talk to your tween about booking a photo session tailored just for them.  Let them be the center of attention - I promise they'll love the experience and you will have amazing photographs that you can cherish forever.

Here are THREE Fotoplicity Session options for you to choose from....Tween Snapshot Folio

THE SNAPSHOT FOLIO SESSION (Promotional Price $450)

Fotoplicity is currently running this all-inclusive promotion for the month of February only.  Not only does it include the session but a gorgeous 5x7 Heirloom Folio Box with ten mounted prints AND digital images!   This package deal offers a savings of over $100.

Tween Winter Promotion, Photography session by Fotoplicity, Central NJ

THE ENCHANTED UPGRADE (Promotional Price $525)

If you would like to upgrade to a TWEEN ENCHANTED Session, you can get the same package with access to the Fotoplicity Wardrobe Closet and some extra session time (if needed) for an additional $75 ($525).Winter Tween Enchanted Session by Fotoplicity, Central NJ Photographer

THE SNAPSHOT ALTERNATIVE (Promotional Price $75)

Not sure about the Folio?  No worries, you can just book a traditional Snapshot Session for $75. Prints, products and digitals sold separately.  Print pricing starts at $20, Collections start at $150.FullSun2

Interested in learning more?  CONTACT ME!