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Keeping It Simple, Contemporary Portraits for your Child by Jennifer Evans

As I've matured in my career so has my approach to portraits.  Let me share with you what I've learned...

Portraits are not about props - it's about connection.

A truly great portrait pulls you in.  It provides insight into the moment that the shutter was clicked.  It connects you to the person in the photograph and draws your attention in such a way that everything around you stops for a tiny millisecond of time while you absorb that person's expression....and then you FEEL IT and are forced to react.  It touches your heart and reaches your soul.

My photography and the full service experience I offer is all about creating that connection... however, as a busy Mom, I realize that sometimes a long, involved process (no matter how amazing it is) isn't always needed nor convenient.  My years of experience have allowed me to develop the skills needed to connect and photograph a single child quite easily and quickly. That is why I am introducing these simple sessions designed with one purpose in mind....SIMPLICITY.


SIMPLE The Contemporary Child Session is all about simplicity from start to finish.  Whether you are looking for an updated portrait for your child, a gift for Grandma or wish to give a simple, yet amazing gift to someone you know - this portrait session is the perfect option.

ABOUT These sessions are for ONE CHILD only.  They last about 20 minutes and can ONLY be booked on weekday mornings.  The focus is on your child so I will choose a location based on lighting.  They will either take place in East Brunswick or Highland Park.


Phone Consultation - We will schedule a short phone consultation to discuss your session in detail.

Online Proofing Gallery - I will choose and edit up to SIX images from the session and upload them to an online gallery for your review.  From there you will be able to select your product package images.  If you wish to add additional items you may do so at that time.

Product Packages Yes!  You get to choose one of these three packages - it's included!

Package A Package B Package C
(1) Mounted 8x10 (2) Unmounted 5x7 (1) Mounted 11x14 5x7 Metal Print (Easel Optional)


The session costs about the same as a cut/color/rinse/blowdry appointment at your hair salon (maybe even less)!  And I promise this will be more meaningful and won't need to be repeated in 6 weeks - well, unless you want to!


Are you ready to capture your child's true self without any distractions?



WARNING: This article may offend your LinkedIn or Website Profile Image... by Jennifer Evans

WARNING:  This article may offend your LinkedIn or Website profile image!

I know, I've all heard me preach about the importance of a good headshot.  I promise, I'm not going to talk about that in this post (although it's true!).  Instead, I'm going to dive into what actually makes a headshot a good one.   After all, if you don't know that, how can you determine if yours needs updating or not?  Believe it or not, just because it was taken by a photographer doesn't mean it's good.

I'm going to admit something somewhat embarrassing.  Sometimes, when I have some time to kill, I go on LinkedIn and browse profiles.  Why?  Because as a photographer I am in constant search of improving my craft and one of the best ways to do that is to look at the work of others and learn from it.  For me, that means learning what to do and learning what not to do.  When it comes to headshots, LinkedIn is chock full of learning opportunities!

Unfortunately, LinkedIn is full of lots and lots of very bad headshots.  Now, when I say BAD, I don't necessarily mean bad portraits.  Actually, I see some very nice professional PORTRAITS of people but just because it's a nice portrait doesn't mean it's a good headshot.  YES, there is a difference - and it's a big one.  Oh, and for the purposes of this article I am not going to cover the use of selfies or random cropped event photographs that people use - those go without saying... those are not headshots and shouldn't be used as such. Period.


  • Good, professional lighting
  • Sharp and in-focus
  • Technically sound photograph
  • Focus on the head (no body)
  • Confident & friendly expression
  • Accurate portrayal of the person & their personality
  • Complimentary posing of the body
  • An image that makes a statement
  • Attention to detail (hair fly aways, straight collars, appropriate clothing choice, skin tones, etc.)


Since I don't want to use random LinkedIn images, I'm going to use some of my own work to demonstrate.  Let's look at these two images.  ArtisticWM


Both of these images are great portraits.  The lighting is good, they are technically sound, images are sharp and they are both shot from the shoulders up.  Both images show a very friendly and happy woman.  But one is a portrait, the other is a HEADSHOT.  So this one is probably obvious....the top one, while a beautiful portrait, is a very BAD HEADSHOT.  Why?  She isn't looking at the camera.  We don't see her eyes.  And while she is obviously happy in the photo, by not looking at the camera we can't really "see" the person.  Eye contact is important for connection - even in a photograph and especially for a headshot.  Another problem with the top image is the editing.  The matte look and low lighting makes this a much more artistic photograph than a business oriented one.  Now let's compare that to the bottom image.  THIS is a good headshot.  Her smile is nice and friendly but the look she is giving exudes nothing but pure confidence.  Her hair is neat, and her makeup is clean.  You can't help but FEEL that this woman knows what she is doing.  This photograph makes a very strong statement and demands your attention.  THAT is EVERYTHING!


What do you think?


I love this photograph!  Technically it is on point.  But is it a good headshot?  No.  Not even close.  This is a glamour or contemporary portrait.   Yes, she looks Ahhhmazing.   She is smiling and she is confident as heck.  But this image should never be used as a professional business headshot.  Why?  Well, to be blunt - it's just a touch too sexy.  She has movement in her hair, the makeup is a touch too glam and the way her lips are poised make it "un-professional".  The confident look is a different kind of confidence than what we want in a headshot.  Although I will say that if this was a creative headshot (for an actress), this would be fine to add to her portfolio.  Acting headshots are very different than business/corporate headshots - but I will not go into that here.   When it comes to a business professional, this shot is not acceptable.

The Nitty Gritty

Ok, now let's get down to the nitty gritty details.  As with anything, it's the details that truly make a difference.  Take a look at the two images below.  There is no denying that both of these are strong headshots.  They portray one very confident professional.  Honestly, either of these would make for a fantastic LinkedIn profile picture, but which one is better and why?DoctorWM copy

Doctor Headshot

I suppose that is kind of a trick question, because without knowing this woman you can't really answer it.  Let me explain - the better image is the one on the bottom.  Why?  Simply because her hair is up.  Why does this matter?  Because when she is at work, she wears her hair up 100% of the time.  It is a true representation of her.  If you run into her on the job, you will see the woman in the bottom picture - not the one in the top picture.  But BOTH images are important for her to have because most professionals have a need to portray different versions of their "brand".   When we took these, I recommended the top image be used for any sort of formal self-promotion she may need (if she needed it for a brochure or such), but the bottom image was the one we both preferred for her online presence.


There is a lot more to a good headshot than you think.  If you are serious about your personal brand it is extremely important that you find a photographer who understands the difference between a portrait and a headshot and can coach you into achieving the strong, friendly and confident look you need to stand out from the rest.  Serious headshot sessions take time and experience.  Remember, just because a photographer takes a nice portrait doesn't mean they can take a effective headshot.  When in the market for a headshot photographer please do your homework.

Here are few tips that should help you:


  • Quality Photographs: Lighting, sharpness, accurate skin tones are extremely important.
  • Consistency: Look at their portfolio.  You want to find someone who can produce the same results time and time again.
  • Professional lighting equipment: Find someone with a professional studio set up.  They need professional lights and understand how to use them to produce excellent results.  One of the biggest "mistakes" I see is a nasty glare in glasses.  This can be avoided if the photographer knows how to work with their lights!
  • Realistic Retouching:  Sure, we all want to look like super models, but a headshot needs to be REAL.  Headshots should NOT look "photoshopped".  It's one thing to remove a blemish and a few undereye circles, another to make someone's skin look like a newborn baby's bottom.  There is no place for that in a good headshot!
  • Accurate Representation:  People should look like themselves!  Expressions should be genuine, not "posed".  It takes a good photographer to eliminate the natural anxiety that most of us feel in front of the camera and instead exude GENUINE confidence and friendliness!
  • Posing: Even though headshots are typically shot from the shoulders up, posing is still important.  You can spot a slump a million miles away.  Stance can affect expression.  A good headshot photographer will work with you to find the right pose that highlights your best features.
  • Creative Headshots vs. Corporate Headshots:  An experienced headshot photographer understands that there is a different headshot need between these two professionals.  Acting headshots require a lot more looks and a large variance of expressions compared to the businessman/woman.
  • Price:  Good headshot photographers aren't charging $50 or less.  It takes a lot of hard work and training to be able to produce consistent, excellent headshots and good photographers charge accordingly.  A reputable headshot photographer typically charges between $150-$300 for an in-depth session with a handful of images including business licensing.  Don't be fooled by the Target $19.99 headshot specials that have you in and out in 10 minutes.  Remember - you get what you pay for.  When it comes to your career, the investment may very well be worth it!

Now that you know what makes a good headshot, why not go and evaluate yours.

I'm not going to apologize if I offended your headshot image because if I did, I know that I did my job and provided you with the information you need to make it better!!

If you are in Central New Jersey and wish to learn about Fotoplicity Headshot Sessions you can contact me HERE.

Fall Session Check In by Jennifer Evans

Wow!  Where to begin?  The last several weeks have been quite a whirlwind for me.  I can't believe it's November already!!!  My house is a disaster, laundry has been piling up to new heights and my kids have been watching me crash on the couch every night before their bed time! But that's OK....Fall photography season is in full swing and I'm truly enjoying every minute of it.  I have loved seeing all of my return clients and meeting lots of new families.  I have had so much fun capturing special photographs for everyone and thanks to all of my client references and kind words I still have a ton of sessions scheduled through November! I wish I had time to do a full blog post for all of the families I have seen so far, but my time needs to be dedicated to editing and taking more photographs.  But I wanted to share a small sampling of some of my favorite captures from the sessions I've edited so far.  I'll be sure to share more when things calm down in a few weeks...but for now - enjoy!

I can't wait to share some more!

On a more personal note, I want to thank each and every one of my clients for trusting me with your family memories.  As I mentioned on my Facebook page the other day, Fotoplicity would not and can not exist without YOU.  I love what I do and I'm so thrilled that you love it too.  I put my heart and soul into my craft and I work even harder at providing a personalized, quality service you can believe in.   I really believe that capturing memories through photographs is one of the most important and memorable things you can do for your family and it's my goal to make the experience fun and memorable - not stressful!

So, to all of my past, current and future clients, THANK YOU!


The Top 5 Couture Dress Boutiques for Children by Jennifer Evans

It should come as no surprise that I have hunted high and low for the most amazing couture dresses for my Enchanted Sessions.

It has taken me several years to collect all the gorgeous dresses and gowns in my closet.  I often have Mom's ask me where I find these gems so today I want to share with you my top five dressmakers, a little about them and why I love their shops so much.

joyfolie logo

Based out of Longmont Colorado, Joyfolie started as a small Etsy shop by owner Jessica Haley in 2009.  What began as a handmade baby bootie shop quickly grew into a fashion forward company who sells to fortune 500 companies like Gap and Anthropologie.

Joyfolie offers a wide range of apparel for women and girls.  You can find everything from jewelry to dresses.  Joyfolie also produces a wide range of shoes and boots.

I love the simple classic look of Joyfolie dresses.  I shop here when I'm in the mood for something that makes a quiet yet refined statement.  I also shop here if I'm in the mood for some fun accessories.Tween at sunset by Fotoplicity, Central NJ


Joyfolie is a great place to buy beautiful dresses and accessories without breaking the bank.  Most items are under $100 with a majority in the range of $40-$80.  HINT: If you sign up for their newsletter you'll find that they are constantly running great sales!

Carmen Creation

Carmen Creation was started by Carmen Perez in 1992.  Based out of Los Angeles, California, this dress shop has created items for  Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol and more.

Carmen Creation creates dresses for everything from baptisms to weddings.  Throw in some fairy tale and vintage dresses and that about sums up the shop.  There is a huge variety of items and you can easily get lost in the designs.

I shop Carmen Creation when I want something vintage or fairy tail-ish.  My favorite purchase from this shop is pictured below.Fairy - Fotoplicity Enchanted Session, Central NJ


When you shop at Carmen Creation you can expect to spend between $150-$300.  Flower girl and fairy style dresses run on the lower end while the more intricate and detailed Renaissance gowns will put you in the $250-$400 range.

Dollcake Vintage LogoSugar and spice and everything nice...that is how I describe Dollcake Vintage.  Created by Christina Campbell and based out of Australia this shop offers delicate frocks overflowing with frills, crochets, rosettes, and vintage lace.

I shop Dollcake when I want something pastel, pretty, ruffled and comfortable.  Every dollcake dress I have is made from soft cotton that my little clients don't want to take off!  When it comes to children, comfort is everything!Softball Princess


Another reason I love Dollcake is the price!  Most dresses can be purchased for under $100.  Now, you will have to pay more for international shipping, but trust me - it's worth it!

love baby JA favorite amongst celebrities and trendsetters worldwide, Love Baby J is the place to go for quality crafted couture dresses.  Based out of Edmonds, Washington this shop is owned by Jennifer Langdon.

Love Baby J is known for creating one of a kind designs.  There is tulle, feathers and ruffles to be found for miles!  The shop offers everything from flower girl dresses to ball gowns.  The styles are endless and you will get lost in all the beauty.

I shop Love Baby J when I'm looking for something special.  This Love Baby J vintage style dress is definitely a client favorite.Waltz4_WM


These dresses are made to order and crafted with the utmost care and quality control.  You can expect to pay between $200-$500 for these dresses with most in the $300 price range.

anna triant couture

Decadent...Exquisite...Refined...Quality...Artistry...Ultimate Couture.  Yes, that pretty much sums up this high end boutique shop founded by designer Anna Triantafellou in 2009.

This shop is my absolute favorite.  I have several of Anna's dresses in my Enchanted wardrobe closet.  The quality and customer service is top notch and every single dress is beyond breathtaking.  I should clarify - these are not just dresses, they are pieces of art.  Anna is an artist.  Not only is she an artist but she knows how to run a business focused on customer service.  As busy as she is, she finds the time to connect with her customers.  You can find her personally responding to emails and social media posts and inquiries.  I have chatted with Anna personally about each order I have placed.

I shop Anna Triant Couture when I'm looking for something ridiculously gorgeous, timeless and show stopping.Couture dress with dogTutuDress-500


I'm not going to lie, these dresses aren't for those on a budget.  When you purchase an Anna Triant Couture dress, you are making an investment in a custom made piece of art and top notch customer service.  You can expect to spend between $300-$600 on one of these dresses and if you want to go all out, shop her LUXE collection which can run you between $600-$1000 a piece.  The good news is that if you are looking for a dress for a single occasion or photo shoot you can now RENT some of these dresses for a few days for a fraction of the purchase price.

Fun Fact: The above Fotoplicity image is featured on the Anna Triant Couture Shop!  See it here.  

So there you have it.  Those are my Top Five Couture Dress Boutiques.  I source most of my couture dresses from these shops.  I do have some other favorites when shopping more fashion-forward, trendy wear which I will share with you in a future post, but for now take some time and enjoy browsing through these five shops.  If you are a dress/fashion connoisseur they're bound to keep you occupied for hours!

Fotoplicity Enchanted Session, Central NJ Photographer

JUST ME - Fotoplicty Mini Sessions by Jennifer Evans

Just Me Mini SessionsFotoplicity Just me Mini Session

If you are looking for a few great individual portraits of your child, this set of mini sessions are specifically designed for you!  Give me 15 minutes and I'll give you a handful of portraits that are well-deserving of a space on your living room wall!

WHAT The $55 session fee includes a 10-15 minute indoor photo session for one child.  Online proofing gallery of approximately 7-10 re-touched images and your choice of ONE medium resolution digital jpeg download (printable up to 8x10) with the option to purchase additional prints & images.

WHO Sessions are for one child only (ages 1-17).  Sorry, no infants and no adults and no sibling pictures. No exceptions.  Babies must be able to sit on their own.  If you have more than one child, please book a session for each child (additional children are only $20).  If you book back to back sessions I will take photos of your children together.

WHEN Friday July 1st from 5pm-6pm.   Please arrive to your session 5 minutes early.  If you arrive late your session will be cut short.

WHERE The White Lotus Studio Loft 431 Raritan Ave, Highland Park NJ 08904

SESSION DETAILS The loft space is huge and offers tons of natural light.  I will use the space as a backdrop as well as a solid dark gray background.  I will have a handful of small props on hand.  Please feel free to bring a toy, stuffed animal or other item that you would like your child to be photographed.  Keep it simple - we only have 15 minutes.

PAYMENT & CONTRACT Payment in full and a signed contract are required to reserve your spot.

SIBLING DISCOUNT Book more than one session and get the second session for only $20!  This is perfect for those with more than one child.

BOOK WITH A FRIEND BONUS If you book with a friend you both get a FREE 8x10 of your choice! Sessions must be paid and attended to receive the print.

REFUND POLICY Due to the nature of these mini sessions, there are NO REFUNDS given upon cancellation or due to no-show.  HOWEVER, if the cancellation is more than 24 hours you may use the credit towards any regular session if booked within TWO months (September 1, 2016) of the mini session date.

WARDROBE Wardrobe will NOT BE PROVIDED.  Please dress your child in an outfit that looks great and is comfortable!  Wardrobe changes will NOT be permitted.

PROOFING GALLERY Your proofing gallery of the best 7-10 images from the session will be emailed to you approximately 2 weeks after the session.  You will be able to download your favorite image (part of the session) and purchase any additional prints or digitals you like.  The gallery will only be active for FIVE (5) days.  Once the gallery expires there is a $25 fee to re-activate it, so please download and order before it expires!

PURCHASE ADD ONS The following specials will be available for purchase after your session. Just Me Special PricingThere are only FIVE sessions available.  If you are interested in booking, click the button below. [button url="" size="big"]BOOK NOW![/button]

Sessions are booked on a first come first serve basis and not confirmed until contract and payment are received.

After The Shoot - About Fotoplicity Post-Processing by Jennifer Evans

Interested in knowing more about what goes into the post-processing of a Fotoplicity Portrait Session?

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen my LIVE FEED photo session from Saturday.  For fun I allowed my followers to see me in action behind the scenes and watch parts of my session (and in-between) live!  It was a long, yet fun day and I had a few hiccups thrown at me but I couldn't be happier with how things went.  You can visit my facebook page if you want to watch all the live feeds.

I wanted to follow up those feeds with a post about what happens when the photo session is over.  The reason behind doing this is because I think it's important to understand that the photo shoot itself is only one part of what goes into a Fotoplicity Photo Session.  As a matter of fact, I spend several more hours working on a session AFTER the shoot is over!  Why?  Because I take a very artistic approach to my imagery.  The image that comes out of the camera is great, but I am driven to make it better.  That is my brand, my style and that is what I do.

Here is complete overview of exactly what it is that I do AFTER I take the photos.... 

Download & Cull

For an hour long session I usually have between 100-150 photos to sort through.  I download all those photos into Lightroom and do a quick run through deleting any images that have blinks, blurs, weird facial expressions or compositions I do not like.  That typically gets rid of about 25% of the photos.  Next I run through the ones that are left and highlight the ones I absolutely LOVE and eliminate the ones that are just "ok".  I then do one final run through and I am typically left with about 25-35 photos.  These are the ones that will move on to the "Retouch" Phase.

This image made my final cut, it is technically sound and sharp but it has a lot more potential.



I re-touch every single one of my portrait images.  This means that I move each photo that made the cut into Photoshop and I inspect every face....close up.  I clean up any blemishes and fix any stray hairs.  I remove dark shadows from under the eyes and cleaned up the skin a touch.  This is a very subtle edit, but when complete makes for a great portrait!   retouch



Notice the faces.  I have cleaned them up and brightened the shadows under the eyes.


Pop The Color

As great as digital photography is, the fact is when it comes to color and vibrancy, it just can't compete with real life.  I won't get into the details of why this is, but ultimately the best camera in the world cannot compete with the human eye.  So, I make a point of increasing the vibrancy of my images which make them more pleasing to look at.

photo editing by Fotoplicity

Cool Things Down

I prefer my images to have a bit of a cooler tone so I make some adjustments until I get a look that I'm happy with.  Edit-Cool 4

For a typical portrait session, I would consider this image complete and this is the what my client would see, however, when I get into my Enchanted Sessions I typically add a few extra steps which you can see below.

Enchanted Artistry

When it comest to Enchanted Images, I spend some extra editing time and allow my inner artist takes over.  While the re-touched images is beautiful, I can't help but want to add a little extra something to make it "magical".  Since this photo was taken mid-day, the gorgeous golden sunset light was missing so I want to bring it in by adding some flare and light.

Adding Light

I want the sun to shine behind these beautiful ladies, so I start by creating a burst of light.

I added a simple light burst.

Adding Flare

Next I add the sun which gives this image a lot more personality.

The sun really gives this image a feeling it didn't have before.


To finish the image I will usually add a light texture or deepen the matte as I did here to give it a more painterly or artistic feel.  At this point I also noticed that my daughter's dress was a tad too short and her shoes were showing so I extended the length.  Most people wouldn't notice this, but I I fixed it.

Finished Edit

I go through this process for each of the images that made the final cut.  Each edit can take between 10-30 minutes a piece.  Some will be purchased, some will not.  I don't let that stop me.  I approach each image as a blank canvas and work it until I am satisfied. To me, perfection is in the details no matter how small.  This is what sets my work apart from others and this is why my clients hire me.  My work isn't for everyone and I can completely appreciate that, but this is what makes my heart sing.  This is what makes me love what I do.  I am not just a photographer - I am an artist.

Prom, Magazine Style by Jennifer Evans

Forget backyard snapshots....That PROM dress is magazine-worthy and your pictures should be too!

The word "prom" first appeared in 1894 in the journal of an Amherst College student on his way to a dance at Smith College. Fast forward 100+ years and they have become quite the iconic, integral part of the high school experience.  From fancy ballrooms, stretch limos and most importantly the DRESS!  Yes, that dress!

Girls spend hours hunting for that perfect dress.  The one that is red-carpet worthy.  For this shoot we took things a bit further. These beautiful girls were pampered with a professional makeup application by Rachel from Rocky's Hair & Makeup.  We then took advantage of the amazing evening sun filtering through the industrial windows of this stunning loft.  I guided the girls into fashion model poses and snapped away.  The results....Magazine-worthy images!

I am now offering a handful of very affordable PROM MINI SESSIONS so you too can get some fantastic photos for your memory books.  There are indoor & outdoor sessions available.  All sessions will take place on specific dates in Highland Park, NJ.  And yes - the indoor space is the SAME as in these pictures.  You can see some sample outdoor images HERE.

CLICK HERE for more information about my PROM Mini Sessions.promThe word "prom" first appeared in 1894 in the journal of an Amherst College student on his way to a dance at Smith College. Fast forward 100+ years and they have become quite the iconic, integral part of the high school experience.  From fancy ballrooms, stretch limos and most importantly the DRESS!  Yes, that dress! Girls spend hours hunting for that perfect dress.  The one that is red-carpet worthy.  For this shoot we took things a bit further. These beautiful girls were pampered with a professional makeup application by Rachel from Rocky's Hair & Makeup.  We then took advantage of the amazing evening sun filtering through the industrial windows of this stunning loft.  I guided the girls into fashion model poses and snapped away.  The results....Magazine-worthy images! I am now offering a handful of very affordable MINI SESSIONS so you too can get some fantastic photos for your memory books.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Prom Mini Sessions Magazine Style Prom Mini Sessions Magazine Style Prom Mini Sessions Magazine Style Prom Mini Sessions Magazine Style Prom Mini Sessions Magazine Style Prom Mini Sessions Magazine StylepromThe word "prom" first appeared in 1894 in the journal of an Amherst College student on his way to a dance at Smith College. Fast forward 100+ years and they have become quite the iconic, integral part of the high school experience.  From fancy ballrooms, stretch limos and most importantly the DRESS!  Yes, that dress! Girls spend hours hunting for that perfect dress.  The one that is red-carpet worthy.  For this shoot we took things a bit further. These beautiful girls were pampered with a professional makeup application by Rachel from Rocky's Hair & Makeup.  We then took advantage of the amazing evening sun filtering through the industrial windows of this stunning loft.  I guided the girls into fashion model poses and snapped away.  The results....Magazine-worthy images! I am now offering a handful of very affordable MINI SESSIONS so you too can get some fantastic photos for your memory books.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Prom, It's Time to Rock the Dress! by Jennifer Evans

Hello Prom Season!  It's time to Rock The Dress!

I had so much fun with these two close friends!  With Prom happening in a few weeks, these girls did a dry run of their dresses, hair & makeup and I snapped some awesome photos that they have to remind them of this special event.  This event is one of those few times when you get to dress like a movie star.  So much goes into this one evening, having a few great photos of all that preparation just makes sense!  I am offering a handful of these Mini Sessions on a few dates in May.  There will be outdoor sessions like this as well as indoor Magazine-style sessions (check those out here).

Want to learn more about my PROM Mini Sessions and how you can ROCK THE DRESS?  CLICK HERE fore details.

Senior Portrait by Fotoplicity, Central NJ photographer PromModels-5_WEB PromModels-16_WEB PromModels-6_WEB Rock the Dress Mini Sessions PromModels-21_WEB PromModels-25_WEB PromModels-26_WEB Rock The Dress Mini Sessions Prom Mini Sessions Teen in Prom Dress by Fotoplicity

It's Prom Season! Time to ROCK THE DRESS! by Jennifer Evans

Jewels and sparkles take me thereTransport me from a world of care To that place all girls can share Destination: what to wear? Dress me up can hardly wait All dolled up can't be late Just as pretty as can be For a night of fantasy Dazzling swirls of sparkling light Colors dancing in the night Sweetest dreams are coming true May I have this dance with you? Too soon it's over, heading home Standing at my door alone One sweet kiss to say goodnight One cozy hug; all is right Tomarrow plain and ordinaire But with my memories fond and fair

~Loralie Harris

It's PROM time!  

Why settle for your average backyard snapshots when you can get some really great magazine-worthy pics of you rockin' that special dress!  And yes - guys are welcome too! Check out the details for my ROCK THE DRESS Mini Sessions...RockDressMarketingBoard

Grab a friend or two and book a session time...

SESSION FEE:  $45 PER PERSON - Maximum of 4 people. LOCATION:  Highland Park, NJ (outdoor & indoor session dates available) DATES: Wednesday, May 18th (Outdoor) - RAINDATE:  Thursday, May 19th Friday, May 20th (Indoor) 

Sessions last approximately 20 minutes.  Sessions are only confirmed once payment is submitted and contract signed.  If under 18, a legal guardian or parent must sign!  You will be emailed an online proofing gallery with 8-10 professionally re-touched images within 2 weeks of your session where you can purchase your specially priced Prom Print or Digital Package!

Would you like to have your hair or makeup professionally done for your session?   Please contact Rachel at ROCKY'S HAIR & MAKEUP for rates and availability.


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indoor prom sessions by fotoplicity

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Celebrating Mom...Appreciation you can see! by Jennifer Evans

Sometimes parenting can be a tough, pull your hair out, grab a bottle of wine and lock yourself in the bathroom type of thankless job....

As I sit here trying to write this blog post, my daughter is behind me singing into her karaoke machine as loud as she possibly can.  After every single song she asks me, "Mommy, do you think that I'm good enough to be on The Voice one day?"  Every.  Single.  Song.  <Facepalm>

My kids have been on Spring Break all week and I am quickly falling behind in my work.  I have 100 things I need to get done (including this blog post), and to be perfectly honest the karaoke is annoying the crap out of me.  My daughter KNEW I came to my desk to get some work done and decided to follow me into the room and sing her heart out.

As much as I want to tell her to leave, I can't.  You know why?  Because I know she wants to be NEAR ME.  She wants to sing FOR ME.  She wants attention, validation, acknowledgment and encouragement FROM ME.  She doesn't know or care about my work deadlines, she doesn't understand my responsibility of providing an income...all she knows is that she LOVES me and wants to BE WITH ME.

What she is really saying is, "Mommy, I rely on your constant encouragement and support for everything I do.  I need you to show/tell me that I can be who I want to be and push me in the right direction.  I TRUST you and look to you for advice and guidance.  You are my rock.  You are important in my life and I NEED you.

Nope....not going to send her to another room, instead I'm going to enjoy being interrupted every 3:28 minutes and answer that same question with enthusiastic support.

So, why am I writing this?  Because I know that moments like these exist all the time for EVERY Mom and I think it is important to realize that our children do these "annoying" things not to pester us, but to let us know how much they love us!

Wouldn't it be amazing if our children actually TOLD us how they felt instead of "showing" us?Mother Quote

Guess what?  This Mother's Day, I am going to provide an opportunity for exactly that to happen....

I asked an unsuspecting 10 year old boy to write down the answer to this question:  

"What do you love most about your Mom?" 

This is what he wrote:

Letter to Mom from boy!  Want another?

letter to mom

That is from a 7 year old boy!  When the Mom of these boys read these, she was brought to tears and so was I.  These boys took this "assignment" very seriously and poured their heart into their words.  Simply beautiful!

What would it mean to you to have something like this from YOUR child?

WAIT...What about you?

No matter what age your child(ren) may be, there is something that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE about them.  Every year that something probably changes, so how nice would it be to document what that something is right NOW?   As part of this session you will also have to write a little blurb about what it is that you love about your child(ren) at this moment in time.... Amy Text

Photography is all about capturing a moment in CELEBRATE MOM Mini Sessions are going above and beyond by providing not only a photograph of you and your child(ren), but the handwritten words that go along with this moment.  Mothers Day Mini Sessions

What I do want you to know is that you are valuable and you are a vital part of creating the people who are the future.

This session is about CELEBRATING YOU and acknowledging that the role you play in your child's life, is crucial. Our children might not always show their appreciation, but trust me...that love and gratitude is there.

Every Mom who books this session will receive a beautiful custom collage like the one above that they can look at and read whenever they need a reminder of how much they are loved.

Click to go to the INFORMATION & BOOKING PAGEMother Day Mini Sessions by Fotoplicity Let your child's words show you how much you are loved...

Don't Forget Your TWEEN! (February Promotions) by Jennifer Evans


As the mother of a 10 year old I have to say, I can't believe the drastic changes that are taking place.  My little baby is growing up in so many ways and I really just want it to STOP!  The other day I was checking my Facebook Feed when that TimeHop thing came up and showed me a picture I posted of my daughter from 3 years ago.   I was floored....Tween Timehop

In three short years, my little girl has changed SO MUCH!

THIS is a photograph I took of my daughter just the other day.  SnowDress-3WM

How did this happen?  It seems like just yesterday I was changing her diapers and now at age 10 I'm watching her transform from a child to a young adult.  I'm talking independence, exploration, a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e, and self-discovery.  And if that isn't enough, her face and body, it's transforming too.  My "little girl" is not such a little girl any more.  While it's exciting for her, it's bittersweet for me.

As a photographer I am hired to photographed so many childhood milestones (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 5 years, seniors), but I've found that this specific TRANSFORMATIONAL time is somewhat overlooked.

Do you have a tween? Let me ask you something...  When is the last time you had your tween's picture taken? And I don't mean with your iPhone or that weird school picture with the fake backdrop. I'm talking about a time when your child actually wore some cool clothes, did their hair, and willingly smiled?

Why has it been so long? FullSun2I get it, the tween years can be a little awkward...maybe your child is dealing with crooked or missing teeth, maybe they have braces or zits, maybe their hair is constantly in a state of disarray or maybe their clothing choice has a lot to be desired.  YES, all these things are frustrating and may have you putting off investing in professional pictures, but here is the thing.....   From crooked teeth to that ugly tee shirt -this is WHO THEY ARE, and all these things will quickly disappear before you know it and you will have no record of this monumental time in their life.

Despite what you may think, Tweens are typically the most cooperative and amazing photography subjects.  Most have not yet faced the brutal criticism that will eventually come and many are so self-confident in their choices they aren’t afraid to be themselves.  They are authentic and true.   This is absolutely one of the BEST times to invest in professional portraits.

Don't let Facebook remind you how quickly they are changing.... Take matters into your own hands and talk to your tween about booking a photo session tailored just for them.  Let them be the center of attention - I promise they'll love the experience and you will have amazing photographs that you can cherish forever.

Here are THREE Fotoplicity Session options for you to choose from....Tween Snapshot Folio

THE SNAPSHOT FOLIO SESSION (Promotional Price $450)

Fotoplicity is currently running this all-inclusive promotion for the month of February only.  Not only does it include the session but a gorgeous 5x7 Heirloom Folio Box with ten mounted prints AND digital images!   This package deal offers a savings of over $100.

Tween Winter Promotion, Photography session by Fotoplicity, Central NJ

THE ENCHANTED UPGRADE (Promotional Price $525)

If you would like to upgrade to a TWEEN ENCHANTED Session, you can get the same package with access to the Fotoplicity Wardrobe Closet and some extra session time (if needed) for an additional $75 ($525).Winter Tween Enchanted Session by Fotoplicity, Central NJ Photographer

THE SNAPSHOT ALTERNATIVE (Promotional Price $75)

Not sure about the Folio?  No worries, you can just book a traditional Snapshot Session for $75. Prints, products and digitals sold separately.  Print pricing starts at $20, Collections start at $150.FullSun2

Interested in learning more?  CONTACT ME!

A Big Announcement, Confession, Promise and An Unusual Guarantee by Jennifer Evans

I've been sitting on this exciting news for over a month and it has been killing me, but I didn't want to say anything until everything was finalized.

As of this week, Fotoplicity will be based out of East Brunswick, NJ.  I have rented a quaint little office in a corporate building on Tices Lane.  My office is small, but it has large windows and when I'm done with it it will have lots of personality (pictures to come soon).   I even have a parking lot and an elevator!  It's taken a lot of work to get Fotoplicity to a place where doing this made sense, but in order to take it where I want it to go this had to happen.

So what does this change?  Well, nothing .... and everything!

As far as sessions, it doesn't affect anything. Ninety percent of my portrait sessions will be held in outdoor locations while corporate headshots can be done in the office. Highland Park Snapshot Sessions will still be available, but the great news is that I will now offer them in few set locations in East Brunswick and Milltown.  Locations4

The big changes come on the service end....

My Confession

While the last year has been great in terms of expanding my brand, I feel that I have not been offering the best service possible to my clients.  Working out of my home has just not been ideal for meeting with clients resulting in limited interaction.  This is a problem because I believe that in order to capture the very best photos....the ones that have emotional value, I need to connect with my clients.  I have many clients that have been coming to me for years and I am honored to have their repeat business, the best part is the connection I have developed with them.  I've watched and documented their children's growth, learned their personalities and have created a nice bond.  I am no longer a stranger with a camera, and THAT makes all the difference.  Let's face it....putting ourselves in front of a lens can be an uncomfortable thing, but when you are familiar with the person behind the lens, the awkwardness diminishes and we tend to allow our true selves shine through.

Having this professional space will allow me several opportunities to connect with my clients.  For new clients, pre-session consultations will be available if desired and will be easy to schedule.  We can sit and chat about your session, what you want to accomplish, ideas on location and wardrobe and you can get to know one another!  These consultations are extremely important for my Enchanted Sessions which require lots of pre-planning, wardrobe selection and fittings.

Changing to this service model has also changed my pricing structure.  I now offer lower session fees that cover my time and talent for the shoot.  Prints, products, collections and digitals will all be sold separately.

My Promise

Starting today, I promise to make purchasing prints and products simple, fun and pressure free. Many photographers follow the shoot and share business model (take pictures, deliver digitals) and I feel that while this works for some specialties (events and headshots), it is not ideal for portraits.

The lack of this service didn't really hit home until my daughter broke my heart with THIS question last year.  After that life-altering conversation I realized that there really is nothing more valuable than a printed photograph and it was IMPERATIVE that I start putting some real effort into providing this service to my clients.

2015-02-10_0001People hire me to capture emotional, meaningful images and I'm going to insure that they walk out the door with a physical copy of their best image(s) - something that they can touch, feel, hang, share and see without having to turn on a computer screen.

While I can't promise to make the picture selection easy, I will make the ordering process simple through my Collection offerings.  And if I don't offer a Collection that meets your needs, we'll work together to get you what you need.

I also promise to make my service accessible to everyone by offering  interest free payment plans to help balance finances.

My Unusual Guarantee

I will never pressure anyone into buying anything.  I have a disdain for high-pressure sales people (you should see me when I prepare to buy a new car).  This shift is all about providing a service that is truly needed.

Enchanted photo by Fotoplicity, Central NJ photographerBe many photos do you have sitting on your computer waiting for you to do something with them?

You'll get to it, right?



THIS is exactly what I'm talking about.  And don't worry, I'm not going to hide anything from you.  You will have a full understanding of my Collections and pricing BEFORE your session.  No surprises, it's all reviewed in your pre-session consultation.  And even better, there are absolutely no purchase minimums.  You've already paid me for my session and editing time, if you only want to purchase one 8x10 print that is your prerogative!  I am going to provide you with the same service I will provide the client who purchases $1000 worth of prints and products.

Why?  Because I believe investing in your memories is one of the most important things you can do for your family.

Still not sure?   Here is the "UNUSUAL" part... If you come to your reveal appointment and do not like ANY of the photos and can't justify purchasing even one....I will refund your session fee.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I WILL REFUND YOUR SESSION FEE!   I am so passionate about this, confident in my work and believe that my pictures will become valued possessions to be passed down through the generations that I offer this guarantee to my clients.

There are very few photographers that are willing to offer a guarantee like this...but I believe the service I provide warrants such a guarantee.

Documenting important life milestones is serious, emotional and meaningful business.

Full Service

When you hire me you are investing in a full service.  From pre-session to post-session, I'm here to help, show and guide you through it.  And while I'm taking care of all the details you can focus on the more important things in life.

When your experience is over with me, you will not only walk away with beautiful and meaningful images that you can see, feel and touch but you will have a positive feeling that you've made a smart and valuable investment in your memories.

And as for me?  I'll know I've done my job, and done it well, when you return next year!Fotoplicity Enchanted Session

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