Fall Session Check In by Jennifer Evans

Wow!  Where to begin?  The last several weeks have been quite a whirlwind for me.  I can't believe it's November already!!!  My house is a disaster, laundry has been piling up to new heights and my kids have been watching me crash on the couch every night before their bed time! But that's OK....Fall photography season is in full swing and I'm truly enjoying every minute of it.  I have loved seeing all of my return clients and meeting lots of new families.  I have had so much fun capturing special photographs for everyone and thanks to all of my client references and kind words I still have a ton of sessions scheduled through November! I wish I had time to do a full blog post for all of the families I have seen so far, but my time needs to be dedicated to editing and taking more photographs.  But I wanted to share a small sampling of some of my favorite captures from the sessions I've edited so far.  I'll be sure to share more when things calm down in a few weeks...but for now - enjoy!

I can't wait to share some more!

On a more personal note, I want to thank each and every one of my clients for trusting me with your family memories.  As I mentioned on my Facebook page the other day, Fotoplicity would not and can not exist without YOU.  I love what I do and I'm so thrilled that you love it too.  I put my heart and soul into my craft and I work even harder at providing a personalized, quality service you can believe in.   I really believe that capturing memories through photographs is one of the most important and memorable things you can do for your family and it's my goal to make the experience fun and memorable - not stressful!

So, to all of my past, current and future clients, THANK YOU!


Kicking Off Fall Photo Season with an Amazing Family Session by Jennifer Evans

The time is finally here!  The leaves have started changing color and I have begun my busy family portrait season.  Every October my calendar fills up with tons of family and child sessions.  Why?  Two reasons - the warm red, yellow and orange colors of outdoor fall portraits is pretty much unattainable any other time of the year AND everyone wants beautiful pictures for their holiday cards! This year I kicked off the season with a beautiful family of five.  Two adults, two boys and one adult size pup...well, I suppose most wouldn't consider a 100+ pound bull mastiff a pup, but to me all dogs are "pups".

Fall Family Session with dog

This year I ran several Fall Session Promos.  This was a 1/2 session which allowed for time and location flexibility.  This session was done in East Brunswick at 4pm to take advantage of the evening lighting.

Boys and dog

Evening sun, during the Autumn months, are among every photographer's favorite.  The golden warmth is like no other time of the year and the changing leaves offer pops of color that just bring a portrait to another level.

family portrait by fotoplicity

When shooting family sessions I have several goals.  One, to get at least one nicely posed family picture for the wall.

Two, to snag individual portraits of the children.

boy portrait boy portrait

And three to get at least one photo of Mom & Dad together without the kids.  After years of taking family portraits I quickly realized that most parents haven't had a professional picture taken of themselves since their wedding and that just isn't right!

couple portrait

For families with older children I sometimes love to grab an image that captures a little attitude because, let's face it, this is the side of any pre-teen or teenage child that a parent sees a lot of, and photographs are all about solidifying memories.  While we may not like the attitude as it happens, twenty years from now it will be something to laugh about.gorman-web-12

And finally, if time permits I make a point to have some fun with the kids because I believe that photo sessions should be enjoyable.  Posing can get a little boring, especially for the children, so after we get what we need I just let the kids be kids.  And here's a little secret...this is typically when I get some of the most fun pictures.  You know, the ones that really let personality shine!  fun child portraitfun child portraitThe above pictures were 100% the idea/request of these boys and I absolutely LOVE them.  By doing this I also build a nice rapport with my young clients which makes any future sessions more relaxed for both the kids and the parents!

autumn family portrait

So, that about sums up this Fall Session.  I am really looking forward to seeing all of my return clients and meeting my new ones in the upcoming weeks.

Oh, and if you haven't booked and still want to I have a few weekday evening spots still available.  Just contact me and we'll get the ball rolling.

Bull Mastiff Portrait


Fall Mini Sessions - 2016 by Jennifer Evans

2016 Fall Mini Sessions

Based on previous year client needs, this year I am offering 2 different types of Fall Mini Sessions.

All sessions will take place outdoors and include an online proofing gallery with up to 10 retouched photos from the session.

Actual number of high resolution digital downloads depends on the session purchased (see below).  Additional digitals and prints can be purchased directly from the gallery.

Brothers by Fotoplicity

Returning Client Bonus!

All returning families will be able to download their entire proofing gallery at no additional charge as a thank you for your loyalty!



Fall Mini Button-Family


Here's what you need to do...locations

1. REVIEW the dates & locations below.

2. CLICK the button below of the date and location you prefer.

3. COMPLETE the form and choose your desired time slot.

You will receive an invoice & session contract within 24 hours. Session must be paid in full and session contract must be completed in order to reserve your spot.

Fall Mini Sessions Oct 12


October Mini Date


If none of the above dates work for you, or if you have a special location in mind, but you still would like a mini-style session, this year I am offering half sessions as an alternative option.

Approximately 30 minutes, on the day of your choosing, with 12 digital images. Session location restricted to within 10 miles of Highland Park, NJ

Half sessions are available through November 6, 2016

Half Session cost is $325.

To book a half-session, please email me directly.

Little Boy in leaves. Fall Photo Session by Fotoplicity

What to Wear for your Fall Photo Session by Jennifer Evans

It's that that time of the year when you start thinking about booking that annual Fall photo session.  This year, make it better by taking the time to plan and coordinate your entire family's wardrobe.  This simple guide will save you from the confusion of picking the perfect wardrobe.With the season comes warm, golden colors....gold, brown, yellow, orange....  you will want your wardrobe to compliment all those beautiful colors.  Here are some tips that will help:

Fotoplicity Toddler Holiday Photo SessionGO NEUTRAL WITH A POP OF COLOR My favorite Fall portraits tend to be when people wear mostly neutral fall tones with a bright pop of color mixed in.  Colors that immediately come to mind are red, orange, brown, yellow, grey and beige.  Not sure about what colors go with what?  Check out Design Seeds.com

Your color choice will also depend on where and how you are being photographed.  When the leaves are in full color, you won't want to compete with them, but later in the season when the trees are more bare, or in a brown field, adding more color will benefit your photo.

YOUR HOME DECOR MATTERS Believe it or not, your home decor actually matters.  If you have any plans on displaying your photos in your home you need to consider the space!  Make sure any colors you choose to wear will look good in your home.  COORDINATE, DON'T MATCH

LAYER UP Coats, sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves...these things can not only help you be prepared for quickly changing weather but they also offer quick and easy options that can really change the look of a photo.

Fotoplicity Child Photographer, Central New JerseyADD ACCESSORIES Scarves, hats, sunglasses, belts....accessories are for EVERYONE!  As long as your accessories coordinate with your outfits, you can’t go wrong. Use accessories to tie different outfit colors and themes together.  For example, a cute red scarf around your neck can coordinate nicely with the orange dress your daughter is wearing.  And if you're up for some fun, bring along your dog...his red collar will match and he will complete your family portrait!

SHOES MATTER Don't forget the shoes!  They are often an afterthought but they can really make or break a portrait.  Feet can be seen and they do matter.  Guys, skip the running sneakers and opt for a pair of boat or dress shoes instead.  Gals, knee-high boots are perfect for Fall as are a nice pair of heels or even some hip rain boots.  Kids - do you love color?  Converse or a pair of sparkly Sketchers are always a fun option!Family Fall Photo Session by Fotoplicity, Fall, Central NJ Photographer

SKIP THE LOGOS Sure, we all have our favorite sports teams and branded shirts.  Please leave those at home for your session.  Logos typically don't look good in photographs but they tend to date the photo as well.  The goal of any professional portrait is to get a classic image that can withstand the test of time.  Your Yankees or 49ers shirt just isn't going to cut it.  Trust me on this one!

PUT IT ALL TOGETHER I can't stress how important it is to lay out EVERYONE'S outfits together BEFORE your photo session.  This will help you see exactly how everything works together and quickly identify anything that doesn't belong.  If you aren't sure and you are working with a custom portrait photographer, send them a quick cell pic of everything laid out and ask for their opinion - most photographers are happy to offer advice!Family Fall Photo Session by Fotoplicity, Central NJ Photographer


Click here for information and booking on my Fall Mini Sessions.