Top TWELVE Fotoplicity ENCHANTED Photos of 2015 / by Jennifer Evans

It's snowing like crazy outside and Blizzard Jonah is supposed to wreak havoc on the Eastern US for the next 24 hours...what better time than to post my favorite 12 Enchanted photos from last year (I couldn't narrow it down to 10).   My Enchanted Sessions have gotten a lot of attention this past year and I'm so excited to expand my offerings in 2016.  With the addition of new wardrobe and scenic locations in Milltown and E. Brunswick there are so many options!  Even better, you are encouraged to come to the Fotoplicity Office before the session to see the wardrobe options in person! Just like my Top Ten 2015 Portraits, these are not in any particular order.

I LOVE this photo of these three siblings.  This session was so much fun and these kids were amazing to work with and these smiles couldn't be more genuine.  This was also my last Enchanted Session of 2015 - I couldn't ask for a better way to end the year! Fotoplicity Enchanted Session, Central NJ What do you get when you mix a stunning couture dress with an upbeat excited tween?  Perfection.  There really isn't much to say about this photo....just sit back and enjoy! Enchanted Session by Fotoplicity, tutu dress

I typically get the best photos at the end of a session and this was true here.  This photo was taken in the last 5 minutes of the shoot and couldn't be more perfect.  The light, the expression, the color!  This particular session was a birthday gift for this lovely young lady.  What a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday and freeze this magical moment in time.Enchanted Photo Session by Fotoplicity

Some Enchanted photos DEMAND a bit of fantastical artistry.  This image in particular screamed for me to add fairy wings.  Let your imagination run with this one.... Fotoplicity Enchanted Session, Central NJ Photographer

This little fairy was a real trooper.  The day we did this session it was well over 90' but she handled it so well (much better than me, truth be told).  This close up may not show the beautiful fairy dress, but these sessions aren't just about the wardrobe....they are about creating a magical experience for the child.   Despite the difficult weather, this sweet child took full advantage of her fairy experience!Enchanted Portrait Session by Fotoplicity, Fairy, Children

Ahhhh...this was the very first Enchanted Session I did and still places in my Top 12!  This little princess ate up every second of the experience from getting her hair done, dressing up and dancing in the forest.  Hello Snow White!  I think she could have easily spoken to the woodland creatures if she wanted to. Waltz4_WM

There is something about this image that just melts my heart.  I often like to incorporate teddy bears, bunnies or other stuffed animals into these sessions, especially for the younger really adds to the mood and feeling of the photos.  Sometimes that mood is happy and playful, sometimes it provides a bit of a different tone.  This image can take you in several different directions depending on your state of mind when you look at it.  I love images that allow you to create the story behind it. Fotoplicity Enchanted Photo Session - Teddy Bear

Being the mother of 2 girls, this image makes me smile every singe time I see it.  It captures the unbreakable love between sisters.  No matter how many arguments for fights that they may have, when it comes down to it there is no bond greater than that of 2 sisters.  This photo really shows how much the older sister loves her little sister and how much the younger sister adores and admires her big sis.  Such a feel-good image!Enchanted Photo Session by Fotoplicity, Central NJ

Many people don't realize that boys can enjoy an Enchanted Session too.  For boys there may not be fairy wings and dresses, but when we put them in a suit and a fedora we get some amazingly handsome and dapper images worthy of hanging on a wall.  Boys bring a different element to the session and I enjoy every moment of photographing them!Enchanted Siblings by Fotoplicity, Central NJ Photographer, Highland Park, NJ

Here is another story of a tiny princess trooper.  It was the coldest Fall morning when we did this session...  I'm talking see your breath COLD, and this sweetie handled it like a PRO. We kept her wrapped in a blanket for most of the time, but she braved the cold, goosebumps and all, long enough for me to snag a few fun images in all her fairy glory.  She sure earned her fairy dust this day!Enchanted Imagine Session by Fotooplicity

What to say here.....perhaps one of my most soulful images.  The expression on her face is just stunning.  You would never expect this deep of an expression from a 3 year old.  YES, THREE!  I don't typically do these sessions for children this young, but since I know this little girl personally, I knew she could handle it.  Can you tell she has an old soul?  And those curls?  It's all too much! JordanRan

Finally, this photo HAD to make my top list and not because this is my daughter.  It's the story behind this photo that makes it place.  I had just gotten this gorgeous dress in and asked my daughter to model it for me.  We went out for a quick 20 minute, unplanned shoot and just happened upon this dog (Ruby) and her owner.   As soon as I saw the dog and how she matched the dress I KNEW I had to get a picture.  The owner kindly obliged and had Ruby get in the frame.  Poor Ruby was terrified by the size (and sound) of the dress and the strange situation she was in, but she was so well trained that she reluctantly sat for about 30 seconds upon command of the owner.  I literally had seconds to get the shot.  I only managed to snag 3 images.  Thankfully 2 of the 3 made the cut.  I still don't know who the owner of the dog is but I can't thank them enough for giving me that 30 seconds!  What a gift! Enchanted Session by Fotoplicity, a girl and dog

And that wraps up my favorite 2015 Enchanted Sessions.

If you are interested in booking one of these for your child Spring is just around the corner.  It's never too early to start planning as my Spring weekends do book up fast.  You can get more information about these magical sessions HERE.