Spring is here! / by Jennifer Evans

SeagullsWMIt was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.~Charles Dickens,Great Expectations

Do you feel it?  That urge to open your window in the morning just to take in that fresh air smell...the desire to open your window while driving...The inclination to walk everywhere all the time?   Yes....SPRING IS IN THE AIR!

I have always loved Spring and all the newness the season brings.  As a photographer Spring becomes even more special.  Since I photograph 90% of my sessions outdoors, Spring brings me out of hibernation and provides me with a beautiful canvas and endless opportunity for my clients to just enjoy being outdoors.

Spring Photo Sessions in NJ by Fotoplicit

Last week was a PERFECT Spring day.  The weather was warm enough to get away with wearing a light jacket and even though it was cloudy, the sun peeked through just enough to provide a bit of happiness.

For children, Spring offers the chance to explore and play!  Spring photo session by Fotoplicity I mean, how can any child resist celebrating everything the great outdoors have to offer?children portraits, NJSpring is a fantastic time to get portraits done.  The summer heat is still far off and the grass and surroundings are full of green and blooming beauty.  Kids are so excited to be outdoors after being cooped up for the winter that they are more than willing participants for a fun outdoor photo session!  Heck, they might even embrace a few poses here and there!  Spring Photo Sessions in NJ by FotoplicitSpring Photo Sessions in NJ by FotoplicitAnd how much fun when a little sass is involved?  SunglassesWMSo, why not join the bears and take advantage of SPRING!   Spring Photo Sessions in NJ by FotoplicitWeekend Sessions have already started booking up.  If you would like to book a SPRING session with me, it is important to book NOW.  You can view my availability calendar on my Contact Page.