How This Woman Is Embracing Life & Educating Others After Battling Breast Cancer / by Jennifer Evans

Occupational Therapist, Wife, Mother, 2x Breast Cancer Survivor and Inspirational Blogger. Meet Janice...   Embrace Session by Fotoplicity, Central NJ

Back in January I ran a model call for a women over 30 who wanted to "Embrace" themselves and their life with a photo session.  I was looking for REAL people with REAL stories. I had many applicants but when I heard why Janice was looking to do this session I knew I wanted to share her story...

Janice was diagnosed with breast cancer over 5 years ago.  After a lumpectomy and radiation she went into remission.  In that time, Janice got married, had a daughter and continued on her life journey.  Just around her 5 year cancer-free anniversary she found out that her cancer had come back.  This time she opted to have a double mastectomy and so began her crusade to educate everyone on breast cancer and healthy living.  Janice is the founder of Jersey Girl Health & Wealth, a blog dedicated to connecting and educating women on how to be the best they can be.

Janice is a pretty amazing person.  I spent about an hour getting to know her and her story and by the time our session was over I felt like we were old friends chatting away.  She has such an easy-going personality and a great sense of humor.

Before our session I had asked Janice what she would like to come across in this photo session.  Her answer, "...strength, fearlessness, determination, confidence (all my weaknesses, LOL!)"   Let me tell you something, after spending time with Janice and witnessing how she has turned her experience into a motivational and informational outlet for the world, despite what she may think, she embodies each and every one of those traits.

Towards the end of our session, Janice informed me that she absolutely HATES having her picture taken.  Curious, I asked her why she volunteered for this session if that was the case.   She then told me that she was on a mission to continually step out of her comfort zone and do things that she normally wouldn't.  She wants to face her fears head on and believes that everyone should do it.  You can read an article she wrote about that HERE.  Since this photoshoot she has been going strong and has successfully checked off several things on her "ToDo list".

Janice's zest for life is can't help but be inspired by her.  If you want to be inspired by Janice, do check out her blog: Jersey Girl Health & Wealth.

Now for the fun part....check out this slideshow from her EMBRACE session.  I think we pretty much nailed it!


And if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and book an Embrace Session for yourself so that you can document YOUR life and tell YOUR story, send me a note HERE!

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