Growth, Development & Style as a Professional Photographer / by Jennifer Evans

Recently I ran into someone I knew and amongst our small talk he brought up a recent portrait he had seen online.  He told me that he immediately knew that I took it without any other information other than a quick glimpse.  As a photographer, that is one of the biggest compliments you can receive.  It indicates that your photographs have a stylistic quality that can easily be identified.  This is the ultimate goal of any professional photographer.

Let me explain.  It takes years to learn, practice and understand the basics of photography and light.  Throughout those years there is also a search to find a "style".  All of us photographers struggle with this.  It's like trying on a hundred pairs of jeans until you find the perfect fit.  Let me assure you - it is no easy task.  For most of us, it takes more than a few years.  

You see - in this field you are in a constant state of growth.  There is always something more to learn, to try, to master and all that growth changes the way you approach your work which changes your images.  But eventually, after a lot of soul searching, you settle into a particular niche and style and you pretty much stay there and just work on perfecting it with minor adjustments.

I officially started Fotoplicity in 2014 (although I took pictures for several years prior) and really feel that it was just last year where I found style.  

This is a sample of my outdoor and studio work back in 2014 when I was constantly trying to find my style...


This looks quite different from my current work.  Truth be told, back then, every edit I did was different.  I was busy trying on so many styles and incorporating so many techniques that there was very little consistency.  It was a time of exploration.

That random comment I received signifies that I have FINALLY achieved a consistency in my work that is easily identifiable.  A look that cannot be created by anyone...essentially it's a signature.  Unique and solely mine.

The images below are my most current work.  My style, both indoor and out, are consistent throughout and has been for the past two years.  While I continue to learn and grow, I am comfortable where I am stylistically - at least for now! 

Woman with dog by Fotoplicity
Pregnant woman by Fotoplicity
Family by Fotoplicity
Headshot by Fotoplicty
Studio Light by Fotoplicity.jpg

Now, will my imagery look like this two years from now?  That I cannot answer.  I have an unquenchable thirst when it comes to photography and am always seeking to improve.  I guess we will have to wait and see.  I hope you come along for the journey!