Family of Five - A Fall Session / by Jennifer Evans

I'm pulling this session from the Fall of 2017.  I've been photographing these guys for a couple years now and I have to give Mom some serious props.  She's got style!  Every single year she coordinates her family in magazine, GAP style.  

Family walking in field by Fotoplicity

I mean seriously - she could do this for a living.  I always end up using her family's photos for my style guides.  But that's enough on style - this session was done in November and it was a bit chilly, but not cold enough for jackets.

Family Session by Fotoplicity

This was done on a tree farm and we took full advantage of not only the trees, but the fields too.  The sun was setting and we were able to get that gorgeous golden sun too.

Fall Family Session by Fotoplicity

And these three...they always have me in stitches.  Any one of them is a pleasure to work with, put all three together and it's the three musketeers.  I truly enjoy each of them and their very different personalities.  

Siblings by Fotoplicity

And for as long as I've been photographing them, this guy...this guy ALWAYS has a great face for me.  I actually ended this session with this shot.  I simply asked him to give me one of his signature looks - and there you have it.  Done!