Mother's Day Makeover - 2017 by Jennifer Evans

Motherhood is beautiful. To your children and your husband, the love, care and courage that it takes to be a mother are treasured and appreciated. However, the reality of a busy life means that us Moms don't often FEEL beautiful.  Let's face it - after cleaning up messes all day long, doing several loads of laundry, preparing and cooking meals and working, most women don't feel they are "glowing".  Instead they just feel exhausted and, well....a mess. This Mother's Day, why not indulge in a fun makeover and photo shoot?

Glam Mom

Only $300!

Includes Hair, Makeup, Photo Shoot & $50 Print Credit!

APRIL 30th & MAY 7th


We'll start off with a full hair and makeup makeover by Rachel from Rocky's Hair & Makeup.  She'll spend some time not only making you feel amazing, but providing some simple skin care and makeup tips along the way.  When your makeover is finished, Rachel will provide you with a sample product for you to take home with you!


Once Rachel finishes up, Jennifer from Fotoplicity will get your confidence soaring by taking photos of you that are worthy of a magazine cover.  You'll receive wardrobe suggestions BEFORE the session and during the session she'll spend time coaching you through stances and expressions and offer you posing techniques that you can use whenever a camera is present.  Most images will be taken from the waist up, however there may be a few 3/4 or full body.  If you booked back to back sessions with a friend or family member we'll be sure to get a few photographs of the two of you together.


Hairstyling, makeup & a 20-30 minute model photo shoot.  Hair & makeup tips from Rachel along with a product sample and posing techniques from Jennifer.  Once the session is over, Jennifer will choose the best 5-8 images from your session, expertly retouch them and place them into an online proofing gallery for you to view.  You will be given a $50.00 print credit and a complimentary web-resolution magazine cover (shown above) for social media sharing. You will be able to purchase digitals, prints and products directly from the online gallery.

Sessions are $300 per person.  Sessions are restricted to clients 16 years of age and older.  


Before you even start, I'm going to stop you.  DO NOT talk yourself out of this.  So what if you have 10-30 pounds to lose - so what if you just had a baby - and don't even convince yourself that you are not photogenic.  Let me tell you something - with the right makeup, hair and photographer we will melt your insecurities away!

Sample Makeover This Mom just had a baby 8 weeks prior when she came in for her makeover.....who would've known?

Book With A Friend, Sister or Mom! If you book with friend, sister or Mom we will take some photos of you together!


Choose the date and time you want.  

NOTE:  There are two spots for each time to accommodate those who are booking with a friend or family member.  The actual makeovers will happen consecutively but we do invite you to enjoy each other's company while waiting.  You will have an opportunity to take photographs together.