5 Tips - How To Photograph Your Tween / Teen by Jennifer Evans

As the Mom of a Tween AND a photographer, this is a topic that I can speak to through experience.  Once your child gets into double digits you've moved through most of those typical photo-worthy milestones (first smile, first steps, first tooth, etc.)   At ten, our "babies" start their journey into adulthood.  You know the stage....the one where they start testing boundaries, develop strong opinions and explore all pieces of their identity.  They also go through some significant physical changes. All of these changes are significant and as parents, wouldn't it be nice to be able to look back at this time 10+ years from now and remember when she was first old enough to sit next to you in the front seat of the car?  Or remember when he surpassed you height wise?  These often overlooked moments are just as important and monumental as those baby milestones.  These are memories that aren't captured in the annual school photos.

So get your camera out and start documenting your tween/teen's life.  Capture important moments and be as enthusiastic as you were when they were little.  I guarantee you will be glad you did years down the road.  Of course getting those pictures may not be as easy as it used to be.  Five Tips for photographing your tween, teen

Here are five tips on photographing your tween or teen.

Tip 1 - Photographing Teens / Tweens

Take photos of them doing what they love. Whether its dancing, gymnastics, playing football or soccer - when they’re enjoying themselves they will be more inclined to go along with your request getting some pictures OR, they'll be too busy to notice you with your camera.

Tip 3 - Photographing Teens / TweensThis goes along with the first tip.  Instead of just standing on the sidelines, engage and interact with your child.  Show an interest in their hobbies and passions.  Don't make getting a photograph your only goal - take the time to connect with your child and take those photos only when the opportunity presents itself.  If you are actively engaged with your child they will be much more open to letting you get a genuine photo of them.  Even better - get IN the photo with your child!

Tip 2 - Photographing Teens / TweensAs children get older, they develop their own sense of style.  Instead of giving them grief about it, embrace it.  This is who your child is, it's how they are known by their friends...why change that just for a photograph?  The idea is to capture your kid as they are - not some made-up, fairy tale version of them! Besides, I can pretty much guarantee they'll be more comfortable and willing to pose for a picture while wearing their favorite clothes.

And if you really want those fairy tale pictures, consider a Fotoplicity Enchanted Session and let me create an entire experience that will get them excited about having their photo taken!

Tip 4 - Photographing Teens / TweensThis is where most parents fail...it is so important to treat your tween/teen like an adult. When you respect them they will be much more likely and willing to participate and smile for you. If you make them feel like the adults they're becoming it will go a long way.

Tip 5 - Photographing Teens / TweensThis goes hand in hand with the last tip.  In today's world of social media most don't think twice about posting pictures for the world to see.  Sharing cute and silly pictures didn't matter to to them when they were toddlers, but now they are self-aware and conscious of how they look.  If they have their own online presence, they will want to control the photos that are shared.  If they know that they have the ability to veto the photos that get shared publicly they will be more likely to participate in your photo shoots!Tween Portrait by Fotoplicity, NJ

Are you interested in getting professional pictures of your tween or teen?

TWEEN/TEEN WEEK - July 18-23, 2016

Session Fee:  $35 (plus tax) Includes:  Consultation, 20 Minute LOCAL Outdoor Session, Reveal Appointment Restrictions:  One child per session, session fee & signed contract due in full at time of booking, children ages 10-17 only, limited availability - only a handful of early morning and evening sessions are available.  If you book back to back sessions for siblings I will take images of them together.

Interested in booking?  Please CONTACT ME.Teen Tween Week


Senior Sessions - Your Senior Year Through Meaningful Portraits by Jennifer Evans

Senior Portray by FotoplicitySenior Sessions

What is a Senior Session and more importantly what is it NOT?

I know you've seen them...you probably even have some....those typical, run-of-the-mill school photos that big-box companies take and sell to you every year of your public school life.  Hey, I'm not knocking them - I purchase them every single year for my daughters and I'm a PHOTOGRAPHER!  There is something about those school photos that is classic and they are an awesome way to document the growth of a child from year to year.

Lifetouch typical senior portrait

HOWEVER....let's not confuse those annual snapshots with a Senior Portrait Session done by a professional photographer. Senior Portrait by Fotoplicity, Central NJ photographerLet me ask you - what DO YOU WANT your senior portrait(s) to remind you of when you're old and gray?  I'm pretty sure you will remember that you graduated (at least I hope you do).  For me, personally, I would like those pictures to remind me of who I was and what I liked during that time of my life.  I want to remember my personality - especially the quirky, silly side of me.  I want to remember the sports I loved and the hobbies I enjoyed.  I want to remember what it was like to be a 17/18 year old with the world at my feet.  I want nostalgia.  I'm pretty sure that boring cap and gown headshot isn't going to provide me with that.

This is why Fotoplicity offers special portrait sessions designed specifically for Seniors.  Every senior session includes a pre-session consultation where we will discuss what YOU want out of your session.  We will talk about wardrobe, location, props, etc and I will find out who you are and what you are about.  I will make a point of getting to know you personally which will allow me to accurately tell YOUR story!Senior Photo Sessions in Central NJ

Session Packages

Fotoplicity offers four different senior session packages.  Each session includes a consultation, 60-90 minute session, and up to three wardrobe changes.

Contact for detailed pricing menu.

[accordion] [panel title="A La Carte"]

A La Carte $150

Session Fee Only 1-2 Locations Prints, products & digitals are purchased separately

Payment due in full at time of booking.


[panel title="Basic"]


1 Location (6) Digital Images Printable up to 8x12 (1) 11x14 Mounted Print OR (2) 8x10s

Payment due in full at time of booking.


[panel title="Essential"]


1-2 Locations (12) Digital Images Printable up to 8x12 Print Credit Reveal Slideshow

Deposit due at time of booking.  Balance due 5 days prior to session date.


[panel title="Premium"]


2-3 Locations 10 x 8 Photo Album (20-30 images) All High Resolution Digitals Print Credit Reveal Slideshow

Deposit due at time of booking.  Balance due 5 days prior to session date.

[/panel] [/accordion]

Would you prefer studio images and the security of not having to reschedule if it rains?  Add $95 to any package to secure an amazing, natural light studio space (located in Highland Park) for an hour! Prom Mini Sessions Magazine Style Pricing is subject to change, and does not include applicable sales tax. *Additional prints, products and digitals can be purchased separately.