A Tiny Peek Into a Fotoplicity Vacation / by Jennifer Evans

The ice from the mouth-watering sangria glistens in the orange glow of the sun as the comforting scent of leftover homemade bread wafts in from the open kitchen doors behind me.  I take in the sound of the bubbling fish pond below which mixes in unison with my husband's relaxed breathing next to me and the sounds of the children playing somewhere in the dusk.  Together we watch as the sun sets behind the mountain and enjoy the peacefulness of the moment..sangria Each August my husband and I pack up the kids and we head off on a much needed summer vacation.  While many love to sightsee and travel to distant exciting or exotic locations for their getaways - ours is a whole lot simpler.  My husband and both work a lot (my husband way more than me).  So for us - summer vacation is our time to slow things down, relax and just enjoy being together.  That usually translates int0 renting a nice home with a pool somewhere in the mountains of Pennsylvania or New York or New Jersey.


This year we opted for a spot that borders all three states.  Our getaway home is located at the end of a dirt road surrounded by nothing but nature.  It's quiet here - well, except for the rooster who lets us know that morning has arrived!  We spend our days sleeping late, relaxing and playing poolside, cooking up amazing meals that consist of farmstand finds and fresh eggs from the hen house on the property.  We take day trips to state parks, local attractions, take in sunsets and sunrises and just exist and enjoy one another's company.  We have no schedule - as a matter of fact, we don't even look at the clock.  It's very freeing.

While we do have to sneak in a bit of work, working from a table with a mountain view is much more relaxed than an office.  And this year my daughter did spend a sick day on the couch - but that's ok - when you don't have set plans, a little glitch like this isn't an issue.

If you've never experienced an uneventful vacation where life slows down - I highly recommend it.  It really does wonders for the mind, body and soul.  The only thing we hate is having to leave...

Vacation2 Vacation3 Vacation4 Vacation6 Vacation5Vacation7 Vacation-1

And of course, I have to take some beautiful photos of my girls when I have access to a gorgeous location like this! girl looking to the skywalkingWM