Less Is More / by Jennifer Evans

Have you ever eaten at the Cheesecake Factory?  Chances are you have, and if not, you'll get the idea...

Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

The first thing that happens when you sit down at the restaurant is they hand you this menu, sorry...BOOK.  Not kidding - it's spiral-bound!  There are over 150 items to choose from (not including drinks and cheesecake).  Seriously...over 150 dishes.  It's overwhelming to say the least. One could spend close to 45 minutes just reading through the choices!  Then, once you do decide on something, you will have to choose the sides, dressings, appetizers and drink options.  By the time you place your order you may feel like you've just gone through picking and choosing fixtures and colors for a major home renovation.  Oh, and after your server leaves you will probably question if you made the right choice - should you have ordered X instead?  Ordering a meal shouldn't be this confusing, should it?

Now, let's compare that to going to Chipotle:


This is the Less Is More, Quality over Quantity approach and it just makes sense.

This is the approach I take when it comes to my session offerings.  No matter what type of session you decide is right for you, your session will be curated.  This means that you will never be overwhelmed with hundreds of similar or mediocre images.  You will only see the BEST OF THE BEST.  Each of which has been fully edited so there is no guessing on what the end product will look like.

My base Sessions (The Petite & Full) present a total of  TEN to TWENTY-FIVE fully edited, artistic photographs.  Not 100, not 40.  TEN to TWENTY-FIVE.

"Jennifer, that's crazy!  My last photographer showed me 150!"

Is it?  Let's think about it.  Let me ask you, of those 150 images, how many did you actually PURCHASE?  Or better yet - how EASY was it for you to choose which of those 150 you wanted to PRINT?  How long did it take you to choose?

Ohhhh - I wait, the photographer let you download all 150?  Fantastic!  How many of those 150 images do you truly LOVE.  I mean scream from the rooftops L.O.V.E.?  Maybe five?  Ten?  What have you done with the other mediocre 140?  They're sitting on a computer somewhere - you haven't looked at them since, have you? 

Now, let me ask you...wouldn't it be so much easier if you were just provided those PERFECT images from the beginning?  It sure is a time saver, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather see TEN AMAZING photos rather than 150 "ehhh" ones.

It has taken me years of passion, dedication, education and training in photography and editing to be able to create the imagery I do. Part of my expertise is being able to capture and select images that have an emotional impact. My other skill is editing images to their full potential and the people who hire me are usually looking for personalized, physical ART.

When it comes to art, less is more.

I consult with my clients before their session. By learning my client's wants, needs and goals, I am able to capture, choose and select the best images FOR them and provide them with a final gallery of awe-inspiring, personalized art that fits their specific needs.

I wanted to share a sample gallery of the work you can expect from one of my smaller session offerings (Petite). I did this session with my daughter in my small and somewhat boring back yard. (No fancy landscapes required.)

There are a total of TEN images here. There are no duplicates, blurs, blinks or unflattering expressions. Each image is hand edited, unique and beautiful.

Instead of sorting through one hundred photos you will spend your time truly enjoying each and every one of the photographs presented.  I will warn you though, even with fewer images to choose from, the selection process may not be easy!  Quality over Quantity, remember?

A truly good portrait demands a visible place in your home...please don't store it on a forgotten hard-drive!