"Sparking Joy" / by Jennifer Evans

Marie Kondo, Tidying Up. If you haven’t watched it or read the book, I know you’ve heard of it through the news or most likely, social media. Since her Netflix show aired this year millions of people are completely obsessed with her and her KonMari cleaning method.
I know I am….

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up is, if something you own doesn’t “spark joy”, you should get rid of it. It’s not about becoming a minimalist or getting rid of everything you own; rather, it’s about making sure that the things you keep and bring into your home deserve to be there because they make your life better in some way.

I watched one 30 minute show and was h-o-o-k-e-d. I finished the entire series within a few days (can you say tv binge?). These shows motivated me to attack my home and analyze all the contents one by one. I’ve already cleaned out my drawers and closets, my kitchen drawers, my kids’ closets and drawers and am currently working on my basement (this one will take a while). And I have to admit, this cleansing process is eye opening and extremely satisfying.

Why? Because we all tend to hang on to, and collect things just to have them. We’ve been taught that more is better, or getting rid of perfectly useable and functional items is wasteful. Unfortunately the more and more we pile into our lives actually lessens or camouflages the importance of the things that truly matter. All the extraneous stuff we accumulate bogs us down and this inhibits our minds and happiness which has a snowball effect that trickles down to our family and relationships.

The KanMari Method is a streamlined way of decluttering our stuff and as a result our lives. Instead of coming home each day to a house that is full of an overwhelming amount of random stuff and chores, we come home to a tidy space that surrounds us with love and joy. This results in less stress and ultimately a happier you and a happier family. The concept is so simple and brilliant.

So why am I writing about this? Well, aside from the fact that I truly think everyone should watch at least one episode of this show, I realized the other day that this is my exact approach to photography.

Over the years I have found that curating images for my sessions is one of the most appreciated things I do. My clients absolutely love that they only see the best of the best. They never get bogged down with twenty reiterations of the same pose and have to make painstaking choices on which slightly different image is better than the other. I do all that work for them which allows them to focus on choosing the images that “spark joy” in their hearts. It’s not about accumulating as many photographs as possible, instead it’s about finding one or two images that evoke emotion and then creating a quality piece of artwork that can be enjoyed every single day for the rest of their lives, and then be passed down as a priceless heirloom from one generation to the next.


There is no over-abundance of un-inspiring photos that they have to sort through or take up space in their home. They never have to feel guilty about getting rid of a picture or feeling bad that they never did anything with a digital file. They leave their Fotoplicity experience with physical artwork that is meaningful.

We have become a society where the belief is more is better when in reality the opposite is true. Marie Kondo has brought this to light and now millions of people are re-evaluating their approach to life. Less IS more. Quality over quantity. Simplicity is best.

No wonder I love Marie Kondo so much! She has validated the service I believe in and provide to my clients.

If you are a believer in the KanMari Method and are looking for a photographer, reach out!