My name is Jennifer and I'm the face behind Fotoplicity.  Thanks for stopping by.

I Believe...

I Am...

  • a Mom of two girls
  • the Wife of a sweet work-a-holic who supports everything I do and keeps me balanced
  • an animal lover 
  • NOT a very good housekeeper
  • a woman who left her big city, posh career to stay at home with her kids
  • a handy DIYer (thanks Dad)
  • the woman who doesn't wear makeup to the the gym
  • much more comfortable behind the camera then in front, but still gets in the picture because it's important
  • that beauty can be found anywhere
  • there is an undeniable difference between a snapshot and a portrait
  • in excellent customer service
  • photos are meant to be printed
  • it's completely acceptable to roll around in the dirt and make a fool of myself in order to get "the shot"
  • life is short and every single day has something amazing to offer if you're open to listening

 My Everything