The Fotoplicity Birthday Club

Fotoplciity Birthday Club

I cherish the relationships I build during my time with you and your children, and the Birthday Club program is a reflection of my ongoing commitment to you. To help you update portraits of your growing children, it is my pleasure to provide you with a Simple Studio session for your child during the month of their birthday when you book my services within two years from your previous regular session.
(Promotional sessions do not qualify.)

Session Fee | 25

Say goodbye to stressful wait times and mediocre photos done at the mall!

Session Dates will be emailed to Birthday Club Members at the beginning of each month.
You will only receive the email if your child’s birthday is in that month.



What Is It?
A special birthday club for the children of past and current clients of Fotoplicity.

Who Is Eligible?
All children (age 1-16) of clients who’s parents have purchased a regularly priced session in the past two years and have signed up by completing the form below.

How Much Does It Cost?
Membership to the club is FREE (sign up below).  The Birthday Session is $25 (plus tax) due at the time of booking.

I am not a client, can I still sign up?
The Birthday Club is for children of Fotoplicity Clients only but I would still love to photograph your child!  Contact me about booking a regular session and become part of the Fotoplicity Family!

What’s Included?
A 15 minute Simple Studio Session for the birthday child (sorry, no siblings or parents)
An online proofing gallery of approximately 5-8 perfectly edited images
One high resolution digital image of your choice
Specially priced print & digital packages
Total Value is over $300!

Define “Simple Studio Session”
A simple studio session is done in the Fotoplicity Creative Office with a single colored backdrop (photographer’s choice).
There are no outfit changes however I will have a simple prop or two that can be used if desired.
Most or all of the images will be taken from the waist up.

Can We Include Siblings In The Photos?
This is about celebrating the Birthday Child and his/her special day.  Your other children can enjoy their special photo session during their birthday month!  If you would like to book a sibling session ask me about my regular sessions.

When & How Can I Schedule?
There will be a few days each month set aside for Birthday Club Sessions.  The number of dates and times available will vary on the number of eligible club members each month.  A scheduling email will be sent out to eligible members at the beginning of each month.

What If I can’t Make The Scheduled Dates?
If someone gives you a blue scarf for your birthday do you ask for it in red instead?  Of course not!  Please be respectful of my gift of time & talent in the same way and make yourself available on one of the dates and times I’ve reserved for you.

What If I Forget To Schedule During My Child’s Birthday Month?
I hope you don’t forget!!!  Mark your calendar, write yourself a note, put a reminder on your phone – do what you need to do to remember because once the month passes so does the opportunity to take advantage of this special until next year.

Does The Club Membership Ever Expire?
Your membership will expire after 2 years if you do not book a regular session.  It will also expire if I decide to discontinue the club for any reason.

How Much Are Prints?
Individual prints start at $15, print packages start at $40, digitals are specially priced at $35 each.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?
Yes.  All Fotoplicity sessions require a signed contract, no exceptions.

I Have Multiple Children – Can They Each Get A Session?
Yes, of course!  Each Fotoplicity child is welcome to come in and celebrate their birthday during their birthday month.

Is There A Minimum Purchase?
There is no minimum nor any obligation to purchase additional prints or images.


Fill out the form!  Jennifer will confirm your membership within 3-5 days.

Birthday Club Collage

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