baby portraits

Sunbeams, Babies and Geese by Jennifer Evans

What is it about babies that just draw us in...we can't help but make silly faces and talk in high-pitched, soothing voices - yeah, don't tell me you don't!  It's no secret that I love taking photos of babies, especially the ones that aren't mobile yet.  If they haven't figured out how to crawl or walk they are open to being placed in baskets, on blankets and they let me have fun!  This four month old was so happy to cooperate for this session.  She let us dress her up and pose her however we liked and she smiled most of the time although she did have a moment at the end where she informed us that she was done, but I adore that picture too! When I get a cooperative, adorable baby who is willing to work with my props I'm a pretty happy photographer.  But even better, is when nature decides to play a role in the session also.  The sun added some beautiful light to our backdrop and a few geese couldn't help but get in the picture as well!

Baby's first year goes by so quickly, I am always thrilled to capture these fleeting moments for parents! BabyOWMVintage Baby by Fotoplicity Cohen-13_WEB Cohen-16_WEB Cohen-22_WEB