Cake Smash

DIY Cake Smash Cake by Jennifer Evans

photograph of cake and tutu Let's talk CAKE!  Over the years I've had the pleasure of photographing several cake smashes and I've seen all different kinds of cakes. We're talking grocery store sheet cakes, fancy schmancy bakery cakes and even fun, tall frosted cupcakes.  But can I share a secret with you?  Out of all those cakes, the cake in these photos is by far my favorite!  It was perfectly sized, beautifully and simply decorated and best of all - MOM made it for well under $20!

A toddler getting ready to smash her cake

Nope!  Not kidding.  This perfect, toddler-sized, Pinterest-perfect cake was Mom-Made (and she doesn't have the Keebler Elves hanging out in her kitchen)!  I asked her to share her secret and here it is...

Materials Needed: 2 - 4 inch baking pans (she used two 2-cup Pyrex dishes she had around the house) 1 box of cake mix - $1.98 2 cake pads (one to use during the icing process and the second to transfer the finished product) $3 for 6 (or you can use a flat plate for free) 1 M piping tip - $0.98 Piping bags - $4.00 for 12 (you can use a gallon ziplock bag) Icing Knife - $4.89 (a butter knife will also do the trick!) Spatula 1 Tub of vanilla icing - $1.89

She used the following You Tube Video to guide her:  CAKE DIRECTIONS

Toddler eating cake

Cake smash - face

So go ahead...take some time and make your child their own personal-sized cake smash cake!!

It's A Cake Smash with a bonus!!! by Jennifer Evans

Who doesn't love a cake smash?

The Cake Smash Session has been popular for quite some time and many folks don't know if I offer them.  But I'll let you in on a little secret...even though I don't really advertise them, I do do them, and I absolutely love them!  There is one caveat though - I only do them outdoors.  Why?  well - for one, they can be very messy.  Having them outside makes cleanup a lot easier on everyone involved.  The second reason is that outdoor photos are just SOOOOOO much nicer (in my opinion anyway).  There is really nothing better than using nature as a back up.  And finally, as long as it's warmer, my favorite part is the wash up.  I provide a pretty bucket - we fill it with warm bath water and baby not only gets clean but the photos are adorable!  Turning ONE

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