Keeping It Simple, Contemporary Portraits for your Child / by Jennifer Evans

As I've matured in my career so has my approach to portraits.  Let me share with you what I've learned...

Portraits are not about props - it's about connection.

A truly great portrait pulls you in.  It provides insight into the moment that the shutter was clicked.  It connects you to the person in the photograph and draws your attention in such a way that everything around you stops for a tiny millisecond of time while you absorb that person's expression....and then you FEEL IT and are forced to react.  It touches your heart and reaches your soul.

My photography and the full service experience I offer is all about creating that connection... however, as a busy Mom, I realize that sometimes a long, involved process (no matter how amazing it is) isn't always needed nor convenient.  My years of experience have allowed me to develop the skills needed to connect and photograph a single child quite easily and quickly. That is why I am introducing these simple sessions designed with one purpose in mind....SIMPLICITY.


SIMPLE The Contemporary Child Session is all about simplicity from start to finish.  Whether you are looking for an updated portrait for your child, a gift for Grandma or wish to give a simple, yet amazing gift to someone you know - this portrait session is the perfect option.

ABOUT These sessions are for ONE CHILD only.  They last about 20 minutes and can ONLY be booked on weekday mornings.  The focus is on your child so I will choose a location based on lighting.  They will either take place in East Brunswick or Highland Park.


Phone Consultation - We will schedule a short phone consultation to discuss your session in detail.

Online Proofing Gallery - I will choose and edit up to SIX images from the session and upload them to an online gallery for your review.  From there you will be able to select your product package images.  If you wish to add additional items you may do so at that time.

Product Packages Yes!  You get to choose one of these three packages - it's included!

Package A Package B Package C
(1) Mounted 8x10 (2) Unmounted 5x7 (1) Mounted 11x14 5x7 Metal Print (Easel Optional)


The session costs about the same as a cut/color/rinse/blowdry appointment at your hair salon (maybe even less)!  And I promise this will be more meaningful and won't need to be repeated in 6 weeks - well, unless you want to!


Are you ready to capture your child's true self without any distractions?