Introducing Framed Collections / by Jennifer Evans

Have you ever tried to design a photo wall display? To say it can be overwhelming and frustrating is an understatement.  But I'm about to take a whole lot of work out of the process.  Starting this month I am proud to offer all of my clients FRAMED WALL COLLECTIONS.  I'm making wall design as simple as 1...2...3...4!

Here's how it works....

STEP ONE - Choose your collection

I have four collections to choose from.  Simply choose the layout that fits your wall space and preference.Framed Collection Set

STEP TWO - Choose your prints

Now the hard part....decide which pictures from our session you would like to use in your collection.2017-04-08_0002

STEP THREE - Choose your frame

Choose your frame style!  These low-profile, high-impact frames complement any decor.  Choose from classic, modern, beachy, or rustic designs.Frames Collections

STEP 4 - Matted or Unmatted?

The final decision is whether or not you would like your prints matted or not.  Matted prints offer a more classic style frame while unmatted prints allow for a larger images and offer a more modern look.



Making The Choice Easy

The best part of these collections is that no matter what layout, frame our mat you choose, all Framed Collections are priced the same.  One price with lots of options!  Simple as that.

Are you ready to upgrade your walls?  

Schedule a complimentary consultation with me to learn more.