A Mom & Daughter Session and The Importance of Trust / by Jennifer Evans

There is nothing I love more than to get a Mom and her children in front of my lens.  Let me tell you a little story about this particular family....SistersMom & DaughtersI met them two years ago when when I had offered some Mini Sessions. F, the eldest daughter was quite weary of me and my camera while I, the little one, was doing her best being a toddler and running around exploring everything! Now, let me tell you that mini sessions can be quite challenging simply because there is very little time to relationship-build with children.  Think about it, a stranger is pretty much sticking a big camera in their face asking them to "smile" and act natural.   It took almost the whole session, but we manage to get some cute photos of the girls. A year later the whole family came back and we spent a bit more time together.  I'm not sure if the girls remembered me from the prior year but by the end of the session I had built enough of a rapport with them that they felt quite comfortable with me and let their personalities show through.children portraits by fotoplicity

Villanova-900-15 Villanova-900-16 Villanova-900-17THIS year was the year that I enjoyed the biggest reward any child photographer can receive....As soon as these girls saw me I was immediately greeted with warm smiles and a huge hug from I!!  F quickly started up a conversation and our time together was extremely relaxed, comfortable and fun which resulted in amazing photographs!

Looking back on this family's photographs over the past three years you can see how the building of trust and familiarity can significantly impact a photo session, especially with children.  Not to mention you can also see how dramatically my style and skill has changed/improved over the years!  Fiona through years Isla through yearsOne of the most wonderful things about my job is building such nice relationships with my clients.  I'm looking forward to 2017!!! mom and daughter session