The Most Common & Disappointing Mistake Made When Ordering Wall Prints / by Jennifer Evans

If I were to make an educated guess, about 85% of my clients come to me with the plan of purchasing a beautiful 8x10 to hang on their wall.   They are pretty confident with this plan until they actually get it and hang it on their wall...8x10 LieDisappointed?  Most people are.  For some reason we have in our mind that an 8x10 is a good size to hang on our least until we actually do it....then we see that it probably isn't the best choice. When it comest to wall prints, big is usually better (of course there are exceptions).  Let's take a look at this same picture if we change it to a 20x30....20x30

So much better, don't you think?   Or perhaps it would be better to do two 16" square prints....16

That 8x10 looks ridiculous now, doesn't it?  This is why it is SO IMPORTANT for you to ask your photographer if they offer ordering assistance and advice after the session.  While an online photo gallery may seem convenient, that convenience may come back to bite you in the butt when your photos are delivered.

By sitting down and reviewing your images in person and looking at real-life sample products with your photographer you will have all the guidance and information you need to confidently make a purchase that you won't regret later.

I'm happy let you know that every single Fotoplicity session offers a reveal and ordering appointment.  I encourage every client to set aside 1-2 hours of their time,  leave your young children at home and make a date with your significant other to come see their images in person and explore the many possibilities of displaying them.  I promise that any hesitation you may have will quickly disappear and you will leave feeling confident in your investment!