The EMBRACE Session

"I'm really not interested in being in the photos."

"I haven't lost the baby-weight yet, maybe next year."

"Cameras do not like me."

"I'm just not comfortable in front of a camera."

"NO!  I'll break your lens."

Sound familiar?  Have you made one of these statements?

As a photographer I constantly see women struggling with their self-image.  It's the most depressing part of my job. Society and the media have so greatly warped our sense of beauty that we can't help but feel inadequate.  The thing is, those 'ideal' images that we constantly compare ourselves to aren't even REAL!  Magazines, newspapers, tv...those women are all photoshopped and altered by make up artists.  These looks are unachievable!  Yeah, we all KNOW that, but we still insist on comparing ourselves?  WHY?

Each and every one of us has 525 things that are amazing about us, we just CHOOSE to focus on the 10 things that are not....

I'm challenging you to step away from your own bull*** for a minute and take a look at yourself without those false filters.  I'm serious.  Do it!

Look at yourself in a mirror, and say something positive about yourself.  I don't care if it's about the color of your eyes, your amazing legs, your kick-ass butt or the fact that you are the absolute best Mom in the world long as you believe it and can say with conviction, say it.

Say it a couple of times and come back.







Did you do it? I'm serious..... STOP READING AND GO DO IT!








How did it feel?  Damn good, didn't it?  Here is the thing.....

You are beautiful.  Did you hear that?  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Each and everyone of us are truly beautiful in our own, unique way.

Girls of all kinds can be beautiful – from the thin, plus-sized, short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between. It’s not easy though because many people still put beauty into a confining, narrow box…Think outside of the box…Pledge that you will look in the mirror and find the unique beauty in you.
~Tyra Banks

We are at fault for getting in our own way of feeling it.  Our negative self-talk is wreaking havoc on our self esteem and it's time to stop.  I want to challenge each and every one of you to embrace yourself and feel the freedom of being YOU and enjoying every part of it!

I want to encourage women to EMBRACE who they are and the life they are leading.  In an effort to do this, I am offering this special photo session for any woman out there who wishes to take this challenge head on.  I know how hard it is to step in front of a lens and face your vulnerabilities - but I also know empowering and freeing it is to do it.  I promise to make the experience a comfortable and fun one...and the best part is that you will walk away with some amazing images that portray the strong woman you are.


Embrace by Fotoplicity.jpg


  • In-Person or Phone Consultation
  • Session
  • Reveal & Ordering Appointment
  • $50 Print Credit
  • Presentation of up to TWELVE fully edited images


NOTE:  These sessions do not include make-up or hair services, this session is about capturing your everyday you.  Now, that doesn't mean you need to come in sweats and a ponytail, but your hair and makeup should be done by you and representative of your typical "out and about" look.  Whether that means jeans and boots, a skirt and blouse or fancy dress - it doesn't matter as long as it is YOU.  While I love makeover images, I want to capture essence of who you are... The person your kids, husband, family & friends know and love.  I promise I will coach you through the entire session and provide some awesome tips and posing techniques that will bring out your very best self!

The Fotoplicity VIP Women's Forum


This Facebook Group was created so I can keep in touch with my VIP Women. That is YOU! This group is private and for LOCAL WOMEN ONLY. One of the things that I have learned in serving hundreds of women, is that we all have similar concerns, life & parenting challenges and insecurities, yet many of us feel like we are the only ones struggling with these things. The group will is a source of information, inspiration and camaraderie. Because who understands women better than women? This is a closed group where we respect everyone's privacy.