A Big Announcement, Confession, Promise and An Unusual Guarantee by Jennifer Evans

I've been sitting on this exciting news for over a month and it has been killing me, but I didn't want to say anything until everything was finalized.


As of this week, Fotoplicity will be based out of East Brunswick, NJ.  I have rented a quaint little office in a corporate building on Tices Lane.  My office is small, but it has large windows and when I'm done with it it will have lots of personality (pictures to come soon).   I even have a parking lot and an elevator!  It's taken a lot of work to get Fotoplicity to a place where doing this made sense, but in order to take it where I want it to go this had to happen.

So what does this change?  Well, nothing .... and everything!

As far as sessions, it doesn't affect anything. Ninety percent of my portrait sessions will be held in outdoor locations while corporate headshots can be done in the office. 

The big changes come on the service end....

My Confession

While the last year has been great in terms of expanding my brand, I feel that I have not been offering the best service possible to my clients.  Working out of my home has just not been ideal for meeting with clients resulting in limited interaction.  This is a problem because I believe that in order to capture the very best photos....the ones that have emotional value, I need to connect with my clients.  I have many clients that have been coming to me for years and I am honored to have their repeat business, the best part is the connection I have developed with them.  I've watched and documented their children's growth, learned their personalities and have created a nice bond.  I am no longer a stranger with a camera, and THAT makes all the difference.  Let's face it....putting ourselves in front of a lens can be an uncomfortable thing, but when you are familiar with the person behind the lens, the awkwardness diminishes and we tend to allow our true selves shine through.

Having this professional space will allow me several opportunities to connect with my clients.  For new clients, pre-session consultations will be available if desired and will be easy to schedule.  We can sit and chat about your session, what you want to accomplish, ideas on location and wardrobe and you can get to know one another!  

Changing to this service model has also changed my pricing structure.  I now offer lower session fees that cover my time and talent for the shoot and the service aspect of the session.  Prints, products, collections and digitals will all be sold separately.

My Promise

Starting today, I promise to make purchasing prints and products simple, fun and pressure free. Many photographers simply deliver a bunch of digitals online after your session and while this works for some specialties (events and headshots), it is not ideal for portraits.

The lack of this service didn't really hit home until my daughter broke my heart with THIS question last year.  After that life-altering conversation I realized that there really is nothing more valuable than a printed photograph and it was IMPERATIVE that I start putting some real effort into providing this service to my clients.

People hire me to capture emotional, meaningful images and I'm going to insure that they walk out the door with a physical copy of their best image(s) - something that they can touch, feel, hang, share and see without having to turn on a computer screen.

While I can't promise to make the picture selection easy, I will make the ordering process simple.  The best part?  You only purchase what you love!

My Unusual Guarantee

Enchanted photo by Fotoplicity, Central NJ photographer
Enchanted photo by Fotoplicity, Central NJ photographer

I will never pressure anyone into buying anything.  I have a disdain for high-pressure sales people (you should see me when I prepare to buy a new car).  This shift is all about providing a service that is truly needed.

Be many photos do you have sitting on your computer waiting for you to do something with them?

You'll get to it, right?



THIS is exactly what I'm talking about.  And don't worry, I'm not going to hide anything from you.  You will have a full understanding of my pricing BEFORE your session.  No surprises, it's all reviewed in your consultation.  And even better, there are absolutely no purchase minimums.  If you only want to purchase one 8x10 print that is your prerogative!  I am going to provide you with the same service I will provide the client who purchases $2000 worth of prints and products.

Why?  Because I believe investing in your memories is one of the most important things you can do for your family.

Still not sure?   Here is the "UNUSUAL" part... If you come to your reveal appointment and do not like ANY of the photos and can't justify purchasing even one....I will refund your session fee.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I WILL REFUND YOUR SESSION FEE!   I am so passionate about this, confident in my work and believe that my pictures will become valued possessions to be passed down through the generations that I offer this guarantee to my clients.

There are very few photographers that are willing to offer a guarantee like this...but I believe the service I provide warrants such a guarantee.

Documenting important life milestones is serious, emotional and meaningful business.

Full Service

When you hire me you are investing in a full service.  From pre-session to post-session, I'm here to help, show and guide you through it.  And while I'm taking care of all the details you can focus on the more important things in life.

When your experience is over with me, you will not only walk away with beautiful and meaningful images that you can see, feel and touch but you will have a positive feeling that you've made a smart and valuable investment in your memories.

Fotoplicity Enchanted Session
Fotoplicity Enchanted Session

And as for me?  I'll know I've done my job, and done it well, when you return next year!

Why All Fotoplicity Proofing Galleries are Curated for You by Jennifer Evans

All of my session packages include a fixed number of fully edited images that are promised in a proofing gallery.  For an hour long session it's usually between 20-30, for an Snapshot Session it's about 12.  I am often asked "Why can't I see ALL the images from my session?"  While this seems reasonable to someone purchasing a session who just watched me click away for an hour, there are several reasons why I can not accommodate the request. The first reason is - you don't want to!  No, really - You don't want to!  Because I deal with constantly moving and active children, most of the images I shoot end up getting thrown away due to blinks, weird expressions, movements, silly faces, blurs, etc.  Part of my service is taking the time to cull through all of the images and determine which to throw away.

During an hour long session I shoot anywhere from 150-250 images.  It's tedious, time consuming and boring work to review each and every photo. If I made you do it, not only would you be faced with a daunting, overwhelming task but you would most likely never seek out my services ever again after that.  If you have ever watched a TV show like "Restaurant Impossible" one of the top complaints from customers is the size of the menu. Too many choices can be overwhelming for anyone, and reviewing hundreds of options is exhausting.  By allowing me to curate your images, you are guaranteed a gallery full of phenomenal images.

Another reason you want me to do this is because I have the ability to see the potential of an image you might otherwise overlook.   Here is a perfect example...this image is SOOC (straight out of the camera)SOOC enchanted image

Technically, the image is sound but it doesn't move you, does it?  There's a black object in the corner of the screen, the lighting is OK but overall it's quite boring.  That's what an untrained eye sees.  This image is one you would quickly pass by if you were culling the images, right?  I wouldn't.  I always look for the potential of an image and this one has TONS!  The beautiful bokeh (creamy background), the speckles of light throughout, the sun backlighting her hair....  what I see in this image is THIS...After edit of enchanted image

THIS is why you hire me and then trust me to do my job.  I can discard images without potential AND find a diamond in the rough...which brings me to the other reason for not showing all the session images...

As I explain in my Enchanted Session FAQ,  as an artist, I choose to only allow clients to see my finished, fully edited work. The original image right out of the camera is not representative of the final edit and allowing my clients to see those originals would serve absolutely no purpose.  Take a look at this before/after.  Before After Edit by Fotoplicity

The original image is nice, but after my edit the "nice" becomes a "WOW!" worthy of displaying on your wall.  These edits take time and thought - it is all part of the process.  The final image is my product and that final product is a result of the entire process of planning the session, taking multiple versions of this image and editing the best from the series.

I take great care in selecting the best images and then spend a lot of time hand editing (painting - no filters) each and every picture that makes the original cut. The photos I choose to not edit are left behind for a reason.  When you hire me, you are placing your trust my eye, talent and skill.

While I work with every client individually to ensure their expectations from the session are fulfilled, as a professional, I have to stand firm to my policy and allow my unedited images to remain separate from the final product presented.

Think of it this way...we wouldn't ask J.K Rowling to show us her first draft of Harry Potter, would we?  There is a part of the creative process that is meant to stay behind the scenes.