Let's Talk Digital Negatives / by Jennifer Evans

When potential clients call me, one of the first questions asked is ...

Do you provide digital files?

The conversation that follows this question is usually the same so I thought I would create this blog post to get YOU thinking.

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What is a Digital Negative?

A digital negative is a high resolution digital file of my original artwork.  When you purchase a digital negative, you are purchasing the printing rights which allows you to make copies of the artwork without limitations on quantity or size.

Before I answer this burning question I want to tell you that if all you are looking for is someone to snap off a bunch of pictures and hand you a USB, well - you don't need me!  Seriously - ANYONE can do that for you.  


There are literally thousands of people out there who do that.  Heck - YOU can do that with your iPhone.  The quality of cell pictures is amazing these days!

Chances are you've already paid someone to do this for you in the past.  And now let me ask you THIS question...

What have you done with those files?

EXACTLY.  I know because I'm guilty of it too.  We all are.  The reality is that even those of us with the best intentions to print either never find the time to do it, or are so overwhelmed with the gazillion printing options that we push the task aside until we eventually forget about it.

It is because of this that I don't believe the photography experience is over until I place a print in your hand.  And not just any print, but an image created with great care and attention to detail, and edited in the same way.  I didn't run it through a bunch of Photoshop actions or filters, slap it on a USB and call it a day.  Nope, I went through each image inch by inch, softening skin, removing fly-away hairs, enhancing colors and making sure the image is as pleasing as possible.  I take the time to discuss your printed needs and goals.  I will walk you through the process of choosing the products that fit your style.  And then, I will have it PRINTED.  Oh, and if that print doesn't meet my expectation, I have it redone.


Because I know how it is supposed to look and I don't settle.  The prints I offer are not just "paper".  I have found the best professional labs and the highest quality photo product vendors to produce your finished artwork and I honestly feel that offering anything less is a disservice.

Almost all of my clients tell me that it has been years since their last professional portrait.  Almost all of my clients tell me how quickly their children are growing and how difficult it is to get great photos of them.  All of my clients express how important it is to get a few amazing photographs that they can enjoy forever.  There really is no NEED for dozens of mediocre images of similar poses.

And THAT is why I focus on providing a handful of the best quality photographs which will be PRINTED.  Years from now, your unique printed artwork will be enjoyed by your children, grand-children and great-grandchildren, while those digital files would have been forgotten and lost or so outdated they don't open on modern technology.  Anyone still accessing files on a floppy disc?

So THIS is the service I provide.  My goal is to create something that is designed to LAST.


Handcrafted linen memory box with matted fine-art prints.

Handcrafted linen memory box with matted fine-art prints.

+ So, back to that question...do you provide digital negatives?

Yes. While I whole-heartedly believe in prints over digitals, I do understand the desire for digitals. All purchased wall art comes with it’s corresponding digital negative. Albums also come with corresponding digital negatives.

High resolution digital files are available for purchase in bundles five and come with a print release so you can make unlimited copies of the artwork at the consumer lab of your choice.

YOU SHOULD KNOW...When you purchase a high resolution digital image you are purchasing my original artwork with unlimited printing rights and those files are priced accordingly.

The majority of Fotoplicity clients opt to purchase finished artwork that comes with it's digital negative!

Custom Organic Bloom Frame

Custom Organic Bloom Frame

+ So When Should I Hire Fotoplicity?

The time to hire me is when you are looking to create extra special images for your family. We're talking about incredibly beautiful, emotive images that capture who your family is at this moment in time. And when you want those photos to become something spectacular and meaningful. You may have a vision of a gorgeous album, a stunning framed portrait in your foyer, or an outstanding gallery wrap canvas hanging over your fireplace mantle.

THIS is when you hire Fotoplicity.

Luxe Custom Designed Album

Luxe Custom Designed Album